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multiple Splines


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I am trying to import two splines :
# create part
MyPart = Part('Hump',CreateNew=False)
# add sketch on XY plane
PointSketch = MyPart.AddSketch('HumpSketch', MyPart.GetPlane('XY-Plane'))
# add points with lines connecting them
PointSketch.AddBspline(points, False)
PointSketch.AddBspline(points2, False)

instead of two splines and a rectangle, i get a rectangle with one spline (the combo of a spline if i concatenate points and points2 - ie a loop as below vs two independent splines )

Also, can I add to an existing 2d sketch vs needing to create a new one (MyPart.ConnectToSketch - or something)



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i figured it out - wasn't resetting the points so points2 had the both curves.

still cant figure out how to connect to a current sketch vs having to make a new one


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MyPart = Part('WALLX',CreateNew=False)
print MyPart.DisplayUnits()

displays inches but it imports as mm (my darwing is 25.4 times smaller than expected)


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To get the part session that the Alibre Script is running in without knowing the name you can use:
MyPart = CurrentPart()

To get an existing sketch you can do something like this but you need a sketch name:
MySketch = MyPart.GetSketch("Sketch<1>")

For units you need to set them in each Alibre Script like:
Units.Current = UnitTypes.Inches

You need to checkout the Alibre Script Manual - I believe it has these answers and much more helpful info.