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Third Angle Projection setting retention

I have noticed that whenever I set the drawing Properties to Third Angle that it is not retained beyond the current session.and defaults back to First Angle Projection. I am used to working with Third Angle Projections. Is it possible to retain the default setting? The Units won't change so why would the projection.

There are two or three oppurtunities when a drawing is being produced to set or reset the projections:
- when the template is being selected, it could be a default frame carrying the correct symbol and tied to the User Preferences
- when the data is being filled (Drawn By, Date, Part Nr. etc) all of which fill designated slots in the drawing template or frame
- when the views are selected for placement in the frame

For anyone producing drawings for a third party machinist this issue is important. The Euro Norm (ISO/SI) and British Standards are unified. Both state that whichever is used it must be shown on the printed drawing by the use of the designated truncated cone symbol. I'm sorry I don't know who sets US standards but I imagine that it too will say the user must show what has been used.

I have read a few of the older threads related to issues with the Projections and the drawings produced and I know this isn't a trivial task, but it would be a useful step if the selection made were to be retained and obvious. I hope I haven't missed something.



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2D Drawing settings are inherited from the template used. For the default templates provided with Alibre, ANSI are 3rd angle, ISO are 1st Angle.

You can make your own custom template with your preferred projection method, and dimension styles, etc. You can also add the projection symbol in the template.