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Trying to Apply Carbon Fiber to Rendering


In the process of rendering a model in KeyShot, I tried to add the 2 x 2 Black Twill fabric from the KS material library, but it only appears black in the completed rendering. I did a little research and from what I can see the parts/surfaces in question need UV mapping (?).

I have used KeyShot quite a bit for other renderings and have imported many jpeg's of my own textures successfully for different types of woodgrains, high pressure laminates etc. But, this didn't work when I imported a carbon fiber sample in jpeg, it just tiled the image, and if scaled, it didn't look like 2 x 2 carbon fiber twill anymore, blowing it out of proportion.

Is there a way to perform UV mapping of parts in Alibre that will work with the stock KeyShot fabric material when the model is imported? I only want the carbon material on a couple of the parts in the model.

- Dusty