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Utilities for Alibre Version 3.0

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The release of Alibre V28 caused an issue in the code used to generate keyboard shortcut images. The latest release of these utilities (V3.0) corrects this problem for users of Alibre V28. If you are using Alibre V27 then you should continue to use V2.1 of these utilities.

A simple collection of utilities for Alibre including:
  1. Shortcuts - A simple report detailing assigned shortcuts.
  2. Shortcuts - A visual aid in the form of a keyboard.
  3. Data Browser - A custom tool for browsing and optionally setting Alibre design properties.
  4. Sketch Plane Finder - Simple tool to show you on which plane a sketch has been made.
  5. Property Viewer - Explore what id going on inside your designs!
  6. Cycloidal Gears - Generate sketches of cycloidal gears and pinions - ideal for clockmakers.
  7. Bevel Gears..
  8. Rack and Pinion Gears
See also documentation for tool here:
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