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Utilities for Alibre Version 3.0

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The release of Alibre V28 caused some issues in the code used to generate Keyboard shortcut data. This release aims to correct the issue. Unfortunately, it does mean that this release is NOT compatible with Alibre V27.
If you are using Alibre V27 or earlier, then it is suggested you use Version 2.1 of these utilities.
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Updated to Version
Added new rack and Pinion feature
Documentation source code is now bundled with Add-on code
Bug fix to generation of helical gears
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Not a lot new in this release but I have added a link to the documentation in the Help | About menu and from the Alibre Add-on manager.
Bug fix - One more issue fixed in the generation of Gleason standard bevel gears.
Screenshot 2024-03-07 152412.png
Gleason standard bevel gears having pinion with > 24 teeth would not build correctly.
The prior release did not take the K Factor into consideration when generating Gleason style bevel gears having pinion tooth counts between 13 and 24 teeth.
A fix for that issue is now in place. Published circular thickness factor (K) figures have been subject to regression analysis and modelled as a series of polynomial expressions that provide good fit when compared with the original data. The pinion tooth count and ratio of pinion teeth / gear teeth are used with the polynomial expression to calculate the required K factor.
My thanks to @albie0803 for his assistance in providing additional reference material.
This release includes an option for either Standard or Gleason bevel gears.
The code for generating the bevel gear tooth root has also been updated.
Few bug fixes.
Screenshot 2024-02-21 130015.png
This version features a new tool to generate straight bevel gears.
This feature should be treated as experimental!
No real documentation for this feature yet - I'll update the docs very soon.
Screenshot 2024-02-18 155814.png
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