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  1. Cator

    Design explorer in assembly mode

    Hi everyone, even if I am a new user I suggest a trivial but important function for me. Is it possible in the update to select multiple parts in assembly Design Explorer with the lasso and the cursor? That's something that would help in many cases ... thank you!
  2. Brandon_Velmex

    Script Language for Selecting and Editing Configurations

    I am trying to write a script which will build a proper assembly out of existing configurations once the menus are all complete. However, all the existing tutorials are based around building a new configuration, or a new assembly. My question is: what are the specific Python script commands for...
  3. R

    selecting by name

    Hello everybody! I would like to select individual parts of an assembly and their subassemblies after certain name filters. AD Does not offer this possibility. Since I'm not familiar with programming or anything like that, my question: Would the task be solved by WizoScript? Thanks for your...