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  1. jasonmburns

    SpaceMouse Buttons

    I have a 3DConnexion Space Mouse that has programmable keys. Three of the keys are for top view, front view, and right view. One key is named fit, which centers the object and makes it fit within the viewing area of the software. Then there are some that rotate the object. When I push the...
  2. M

    PDF exports empty (0kb) when using shaded views?

    I think I found a thread about this problem like a week ago , but can't find it again. The problem I'm having is that when I try to export a drawing, or just print to pdf or printer right away, while using at least one shaded view, the pdf gets saved with nothing in it (0kb). If I change the...
  3. M

    Change relationship between front and top view ?

    I'm barely two weeks old with Alibre and coming from fusion 360. Maybe I'm missing something but I have an issue with the views in the cube, I dont understand why the top view is rotated 90 degrees? It,s not the biggest deal in the world, but just now while working i was switching between front...