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DXF Export once more :-)


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It's been a while since I last tried to make use of an Alibre exported *.dxf file. Searching previous posts found that it was a topic touched upon a long time ago, or I didn't find the newer ones, so please excuse me if this is a repeat.

I'm designing a printed circuit board and I find the drawing capabilities of my tool to be rather primitive, so I wanted to use Alibre to generate the outline for cutting the PCB.

The file I output from Alibre is imported and even looks correct, but it's perceived as an image and not as lines or something like that.

I tried another tool dxf output and it was imported perfectly. I have the feeling that it's an issue of what version of the dxf files the different tools are using, but I think that the PCB tool I use is expecting the "r 12" version of dxf.

So I'm wondering if there's a way to get the output from Alibre in the dxf r12 format or do I have use another tool just for this small job ?



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Look at the "export svg" as described in the recent "single dxf" post here. It gives a much faster way export your sketch. Now all you need is a way to convert your svg file to your dxf format and I believe such a program is available. I was able to read the svg instead of dxf as the data is the same just a different format. I wish I could be of more help. Good luck.



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With Inventor you right click a face and select "export as dxf" to produce a 2D dxf file. Could this be added to a later version of Alibre?
With all the Laser & Water jet cutting etc. It's very useful & very easy.



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AD gives you the choice of 7 different dxf versions from r14.
Might slowly be time to update your tool if it requires a 30 year old dxf version.


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With Inventor you right click a face and select "export as dxf" to produce a 2D dxf file.
A one click solution would be nice but in the mean time you can kinda sorta do that now. If you select and start a sketch on a face, then Project to sketch the entire face. Next export that sketch as a SVG (RMB menu) and finally convert that SVG to a DXF with Inkscape or one of many free converters either online or downloaded.

I do that now to get files for my Shaper Origin which uses SVG files but I can convert them to dxf with Inkscape if I need to.


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As often happens, I mistook the problem to be on the Alibre side, and not my lack of experience with my new Schematic/PCB creation tools.

So it's resolved after I figured out how to fill the dxf "image" with parts.

Sorry, and thanks for your feedback!