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How do I hide the object itself to see only the sketch


I am sure this is obvious, but I cannot find anything anywhere to help me to do this. I want to hide the 3D object I am building and only look at the sketch I am working on. I have brought through references to another sketch and I cannot see the lines brought across because those displaying on the model clash. I am constantly selecting wrong things and having constraints attached incorrectly and would like to simplify my view but I cannot figure out how to do this.


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Off the top of my head, closest I can think of to what your asking is to cursor over the feature in the design explorer, then right click/suppress.

The part/feature will then be gone, and you can still right click the sketch, select edit, and the sketch will be visible/editable.


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Without a screen shot of what you are dealing with I'd agree with @Ken226. But I also think you may be working with the Snap to working plane option selected in System Options.

snap to working plane.jpg

When that option is selected the active sketch plane can be obscured by the model, especially later in the design when the model becomes more complex. It is then helpful to rotate the model so the sketch plane is not flat to the screen and therefore more easily viewable and not prone to selecting the wrong geometry.


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Can you help us with an upload of a part and the case where this happens.
I am puzzled, I use AD since V12, a long time ago, and have never had this problem.


I'm so sorry, I missed the reply in my email and only just logged back in.

Screenshot 2024-02-28 104413.png

So this is an example sketch. If you notice I have drawn a construction line on the very top line of this. Now if I try and select this line then as I move over the line this happens.

Screenshot 2024-02-28 104553.png

The shapes underlying construction shows up and when I click I get that line and not the one construction line I was trying to get. In other packages like Freecad you can turn off the undelying object by hiding it so that when you are sketching you see only the lines you are sketching and not the underlying construction. I would normally pull the construction I wanted to base from into the sketch and then base the sketch from those lines. I suspect a better way is possible in Alibre but this inability to select my sketch lines vs the underlying objects geometry is making things difficult for me.

Surpress hides individual features where as I was looking to surpress the whole background object. I feel this is me using old habits from other programs and there may be a better way but I am just not sure how.


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Unfortunately I don't think there is a quick way of turning off the underlying objects apart from suppressing individual features as Ken mentioned.
Harolds solution of turning off Snap To Working Plane works okay for me but I can see what you are suggesting could be helpful at times. Creating a Precise Section View is another useful feature when things get complicated.
You don't mention what version of Alibre you are using.


Thanks Stu3d. I'm using Atom, which is immeasurably easier than my previous software. I just have to adapt and make it work. Clearly plenty of people don't see the issue or this forum would be full of it ;-)