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Release: Frame Builder V2_1


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Frame Builder V1_10 Released
Added support for running exclusively on Alibre Design v27 Build 27038.
Fixed issue with Trim/Extend failing with error: 'Parallel Parts will never intersect.' due to unknowingly using collinear points from a face.
Updated 'Add Points To All Vertices' to use new Alibre Design v27 API so points will stick to Vertices.

Also V2.0 Soon!

Things may yet change from this image.


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I'm still finishing up Frame Builder V2.0 and plan to be done by the end of October. I did not originally intend this version would take me so long - but when Alibre came thru with adding a bunch of things to the API specifically for me that I asked for to improve Frame Builder - well, I had to revise some major sections of my code to include them.

Specifically the frame members will be offset and rotated using constraints instead of moving and rotating the profile sketch. The end result will be a much better user experience when making drawings of frame members and in some future release it will allow me to make visual previews of the offsetting and rotating of frame members!

I still have a couple bugs to fix and a language translation pass to do but the major changes have been done. In the mean time you can check out my "work in progress" website.


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I'm sorry everyone. I'm going to miss my self imposed deadline. I let myself get carried away with polishing some features and fixing bugs. I've been burning the candle at both ends this last week between my full-time job, family time, and this project. I hate to do this but I need to take the rest of the week off from this project for my mental health.


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Thank you everyone for being so understanding.

Long awaited and hopefully working V2.0!


  • Runs on Alibre Design v27 Build 27038
  • New ability to check for problems with frames compared to base geometry.
  • Update frame member lengths to base geometry changes.
  • Rebuild broken frame member constraints.
  • Replace missing frame member source geometry.
  • Rebuild missing frame members.
  • Delete frame members from frames.
  • Delete corners from frame members.
  • Rebuild corners.
  • New main dialog icons on buttons.
  • New main dialog resize modes including toolbar.
  • New tree view for viewing and editing frame corners.
  • Enable/Disable checking specific frame members from being checked for problems.
  • Extend/Trim To Face/Plane now has Extend Only option.
  • Miter speeds improved.
  • Extend/Trim To Face/Plane speeds improved.
  • Cope speeds improved.
  • Frame Member Insert By Points speed improvement.
  • Frame Member Insert By Length speed improvement.
A few notes:
Because Frames made in V1.X do not store any of their creation information they are not directly compatible with many of the V2.X features.
V1.X Serial Keys are not valid for V2.X and can't be installed side-by-side.
If you purchased V1.X Serial Keys there is a reduced price V2.X Upgrade Serial Key available.
The Serial Number for the Trial Version is: TRIAL-TRIAL-TRIAL-TRIAL
Additionally I did not get a full language/translation pass done yet.


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Frame Builder V2.1 Release

  • Runs on Alibre Design v27 Build 27038 or Build 27039.
  • Updating/Rebuilding is now faster.
  • Updating/Rebuilding now shows a working indicator.
  • Fixed issue with Update/Rebuild options not persisting.
  • TreeView now displays updated Frame Member part names – which may have been changed by the user when the parts were saved.
  • TreeView now displays additional information:
    • Tool Frame Member used for Copes.
    • Face used for Trim/Extend To Face.
    • Plane used for Trim/Extend To Plane.
    • Missing Member Parts/Faces/Planes are now listed and red.
    • Frame Members with broken corners are now listed pink (at a minimum).
    • Broken Corners are now listed red.
  • Other bug fixes