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the grid is not displayed correctly


Can someone please explain to me why the grid is correct at the beginning and somewhere in the room in other two views (with the S key)?


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Ex Machina

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Hey HPM, check my 3D sketch video in the tutorials and let me know if there's something more you
re looking for. However, bear in mind that any model can be developed with 2D sketches on various planes. But 3D sketch has certainly got its place.


Thanks for the feedback. The problem persists. I have an example here.


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Ex Machina

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I'm not sure what the problem is. In 3D sketching, the grid is not supposed to follow any particular position. It's just there to show you the direction you're sketching at. The cursor and elevation will give you more accurate information.


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Here's what I see on my screen:




I noticed that the grid will position differently depending on how zoomed in you are to the model and how centered the model is on the screen.


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It appears from the images that grid settings are interpreted differently when the planes are cycled.

Are X,Y & Z grid spacing set to same value? It looks like the X spacing is smaller than Y & Z.

Is graphics adapter driver the latest available?

As it is a UI issue, you might try re-setting Alibre user profile to see if that helps.