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  1. A

    File Properties in windows Explorer

    I want to know if there is any way to link the properties of a file to the details that appear for each file in windows explorer. Has someone done it, or does someone else have the same isue as me? Example:
  2. sbeamers

    Map new path for parts in an assembly

    Has anyone got a script that will provide remapping of parts in an assembly from one folder to another?
  3. idslk

    File Properties Vendor

    Hello colleagues, i've been asked about how to write a Vendor name from an script integrated list into the file properties. I decided, that this would maybe from interest for "others" too. So here a little script (with some additional checks) which does this job. For your own Vendors...
  4. Lew_Merrick

    Improving the File Properties->General->Part Data System:

    Prolog: To be clear the "entries" allowed by the File Properties->General->Part Data system would have to be seriously improved to qualify as idiotic! Whoever dreamed them up obviously had no experience whatsoever with industrial material ordering, storage, or issuance. Shop-made Parts have one...