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  1. K

    Read unsuppressed parts and assemblies only

    Hello, I am running a program using AlibreX that uses the root occurrence of an assembly session to read all of the design sessions and occurrences. However, there are suppressed parts in some assemblies that I do not want to read and iterate through. Does anybody know a way to read the design...
  2. K

    Built-in-Function Question

    Hello, I seem to be running into issues regarding the built in functions of the IADCurve interface. According to the API Help, the Tangent method of the IADCurve interface returns IADVector, but trying to access the properties of that object throws back an error. x =...
  3. C

    Is Python 3.x coming to Alibre Design Pro soon?

    Just wondering if a newer version of Python is likely to land on Alibre Design Pro anytime soon?
  4. K

    The Alibre Value is not available

    Hello all, Dealing with an issue when trying to save to my M-File Vault through a SaveAs function. Here's the error: <CODE> Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 124, in <module> EnvironmentError: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040328): The Alibre Vault is...
  5. Suppakit

    Using Python to make my first "Alibre Motion"

    Alibre Sample Motion Hello everyone, I just make my dream come true for done Alibre motion by using Alibre script, but this is just the beginning, I have a plan to make API for my customers who don't like to learn Python, anyway I need more suggestion for how to manipulate 6 Axis robot motion is...
  6. Brandon_Velmex

    Script Language for Selecting and Editing Configurations

    I am trying to write a script which will build a proper assembly out of existing configurations once the menus are all complete. However, all the existing tutorials are based around building a new configuration, or a new assembly. My question is: what are the specific Python script commands for...