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  1. stepalibre

    Alibre Python Shell Installer v2024.03.19

    Simple Alibre Python shell based on the IronLab project. Any questions or comments please share. Add-On development post: https://www.alibre.com/forum/index.php?threads/alibre-python-shell-addon-source-code-and-installer.24936/#post-169590
  2. J

    Shell Tool Behavior

    Attached is a file that has an error in the shell operation. I am trying to shell out both flat surfaces to make an odd tube-like object with a wall thickness of 0.5". Can someone explain why it results in an error? I believe it has something to do with the sketch that's on the offset ZX...
  3. A

    Alibre & Calculix- shell elements?

    Hello everyone, It's my first post here, so it's time to greet You. I am Alibre Design user from Poland. I am looking for method of exporting files, that could be used on Calculix (with pre-post procesor PrePoMax) as a shell elments- but I am not sure if this is possible in Alibre Design? I...
  4. JST

    Problem with shell for a boss

    I have to put 4 drafted bosses in a part, and shell them for screws that are to connect it to a different part. Shelling keeps the wall thickness same and puts the screw where it needs to be. I can shell the drafted boss by itself, but it refuses to shell when in the part in any way. Not sure...