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  1. silver2row

    Me Again with Inner (ID) Threading and Ideas! (SOLVED)

    Hello, Slow to the game here once more (even though I mentioned something a while back in another post)... Okay. So, if the 0.394" hole needs to be threaded internally, how would I go about this idea? It should not be beyond me so far but it is beyond me. Should I measure from the center...
  2. Ex Machina

    How to dynamically create 3D formed threads for 3D printing and control the tolerances.

    So, this is the video I shared in another thread here on the forums. I'm reposting it here so it is easier to find. It's about creating a "custom tool" to make 3D threads quickly and easily using the Dynamic Parts Library of Alibre. In his video, you will see how to design, make into a dynamic...
  3. jasonmburns

    Physical Threads for Additive Manufacturing

    Since we are now able to 3D Print very strong and high precision parts using technologies such as SLA resin printing and SLS nylon powder printing, isn't it time that Alibre add the option for physical threads in the hole tool like many other modern 3D CAD programs? I know there are ways to...
  4. D

    Missing External Thread Callout with interrupted threads

    I tried to find this among the other topics without much success and I've had this problem for a couple of years now. Surely, I'm not the only one. If I make an external thread using the tool in part modeling and then add some feature on the thread, like a keyway, the 2D drawing application...
  5. T

    Any tips on making threads quickly.

    Hi all, After years of using Alibre for generating parts and sending the files of to be made I purchased a 3d FDM printer. One of the things that I found works is printing threads. However they are a pain. Before I would just say x thread here. But with 3d printing you actually need the shape...
  6. S

    Making 3D printable threads

    Is there a tool that will allow me to create 3D printable threads? I know the thread tool only does cosmetic threads, but I want to create threaded holes and nuts. I know I can't print fine threads, but I should be able to print course ones. My old architectural CAD program (Vectorworks) has...