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Toolbox VS Part/Assembly Configurations


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What are the differences between Toolbox and Part/Assembly configurations and the Pro's and Con's of both.


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Just some info before a potential video.

Toolbox is for making dynamic parts based off data in an excel file. It is most useful when the parts are all similar but just have different dimensions and there are a lot of them. For example an excel might have 500 rows of data for different screw size dimensions and you can use toolbox to be able to effectively pick any of the 500 on demand and have the part created for you.

Configurations are also for making variants and can achieve a similar thing, though the process of data entry is manual and not excel driven. Configurations go further and they can manage feature suppression, part data, colors, and other things. A major difference is that toolbox makes a part and then it is done where Configurations always stay with the part or assembly and you can modify the configuration that's used any time.

If you have many variants and your data is in a spreadsheet and you just need to be able to change dimensions between variants, use toolbox.

If you have fewer variants and to achieve them you need to modify more than dimensions, eg feature suppression, or if you want the part to by dynamically configurable at any time wherever it is used, use Configurations.


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So much for Me to learn.
Glad we have the videos. I'm terrible at learning from books & help files.


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