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    V24 now available

    Not in any big rush here..... I'll wait until after the first bugfix release. If it were made less of a complete PIA to try the beta I'd do beta testing. But not as it is now.
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    A solution to the hole dimension type issue of changing from the arrow to lines.

    Hole dimensions often switch from arrows to the double lines, before you get the text to where you want it. However, I just discovered what to do. Just let the arrow dimension text sit wherever it will stay as an arrow. Close the dimensioning, leaving it there. Now, once you are out of...
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    Working with imported STEP files.

    Hmmmm. Well, I always assumed it was a "feature" of some programs. And it may be. But it does seem to be created in the STEP process. I suppose that I never noticed because I don't open STEP files I made very often, and I DO get all the Solidworks files in as STEP files. Your comment...
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    Obround Shape Tool

    Yes, what NLG said. Also what you said....... If there is going to be a tool, like the shapes tool, why bother with it if the use of it is hedged around by so many types of "yeah, well if you use them you cannot do U.V.W.X.Y, or Z anymore". It's actually a waste of development time, because...
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    Working with imported STEP files.

    That seems to be a feature of the program and not the STEP format. Some programs, such as Solidworks, seem to make all cylindrical shapes with two half cylinders, for example.
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    Working with imported STEP files.

    Of course, the basic issue is STL file conversion. And the NEED to do it that way in the first place. While Alibre "could DO it", I was never able to get a decent part input to Alibre when starting with an STL file. I regard STL files as being "on the other side of a trap door", it seems to...
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    Obround Shape Tool

    I find those to be such a nuisance that I do not use them at all. I think they are nearly worthless, since they seem to be "outside the normal rules".
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    Working with imported STEP files.

    I do not understand that at all. Most STEP files are not like that. The STL files are faceted etc, and presumably when exported as STEP those "features" are preserved. If that is the only way to get a STEP file out of Fusion or Freecad, it sounds like what I call a "punishment...
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    I wish I had TIME to do beta testing. I generally have deadlines etc, not always with CAD work, and so I get less time to play with a new version than would be needed. Plus, I have one main computer, and that one is really not available for the purpose. If the beta could be flipped on and...
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    OK, I have another file problem with read only. It's a BOM file

    no crash, no visible instance running, and a computer reboot did not change anything.... it was still read-only. after "aging" overnight, it worked. That does not seem like a ghost running, it seems more like a date/time related issue, although I have no idea how or why.
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    OK, I have another file problem with read only. It's a BOM file

    Just one in use here, no other win 10 machines. This morning, I can open it for editing..... go figure.
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    OK, I have another file problem with read only. It's a BOM file

    Well, just now Alibre decide to LOCK the master BOM file for the project. I already had to rebuild it once..... I REALLY do not want to rebuild it YET AGAIN. If it is any help to you, I had added some parts to it, and moved them from the bottom of the list to their proper area. I was just in...
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    The memory leak issue is not very funny anymore.... please fix it soonest. Delay V24 if you have to. Just fix it.

    The current project has run into this much more quickly than I expected from past experience. I have had to redo models, and the latest is that I have to redo the entire 76 line BOM from scratch, re-ordering everything per the item numbers, because the previous one apparently got corrupted...
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    Something very GOOD about Alibre

    I have had quite a few bitter complaints about Alibre. Let me take a bit of time to mention a really GOOD FEATURE. In my opinion and experience, one of the very GOOD and USEFUL features of Alibre is the "Fastener constraint". It should be up on the "Wall of Honor" I had an occasion today to...
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    Sigh........ apparently NONE of the really needed updates to save behavior are in V24? Where is the PROJECT DIRECTORY?

    I surely hope the "distant" is not too distant. This should be done as of 2014.