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assembly and sub-assembly

  1. Pneumatic Cylinder.2.png

    Pneumatic Cylinder.2.png

    An assembly I did to showcase workflows in 3D sketching in Alibre. I've also done a video about it and this is the pic I used to make the thumbnail.
  2. B

    Question about Behavior of Multiple Instances of an Assembly

    Hi, I have an Assembly (A) made up of several Sub-Assemblies (a1, a2, a3), and constrained in such a way that it behaves properly when moving Parts around. I intend to use multiple instances of Assembly A as Sub-Assemblies of a larger Assembly (B). Each Assembly A is constrained to a base in...
  3. G

    Using Master Sketches in Assemblies

    I'm still pretty new to Alibre Design. How do I create a master sketch that can be used as the main/only reference for several parts in an assembly? I've been trying to figure out the best practices for using inter design relationships with mixed results. I figured having one reference for...
  4. K

    Merge parts into new subsassembly

    Hi, I got an assembly containing about 50 parts. Is there an easy way to make a subassembly with some of those parts? They are currently all mated into one big assembly - need to make make some smaller assemblies now.
  5. C

    Importing sub-assembly into new assembly

    Hi everybody, I am new to Alibre! I have created a sub-assembly with shaft sliding into linear bearings; I am able to move the shaft in the linear bearing. Then, I create a new assembly and load the previous sub-assembly, now I am not able to move the shaft into the linear bearing. Is this...