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  1. A

    Problem with revolve (V23 version)

    Hello I found 2 quite strange bugs- 1) while I want to make an revolve (desn't matter if it's Cut or Boss), I don't have an Ok button active- I need to click 2 times on line which is a rotation axis (if it's part of shape to relove - for Eg to make a ball) to make the operation done. 2) If i...
  2. S

    Best approach for this part

    I've attached what is a special lens cell for an optical project. If someone would like to look, at its heart is a sketch tied to a 2D arrangement of lenses tipped and shifted to each other. There is no single rotation of cut that would make this, so the second and third sketches are rotated...
  3. S

    How to do this...

    (Atom 3D V21) In the attached design if you zoom in on the corner where I have Sketch<9> and Revolution<9> and then Edit Revolution<9> I think you will see what I'm trying to do which is to fill the corner. On top of that surface I was going to place a little circle and extrude it upwards as a...
  4. Kunstmaan

    Revolution cut gives strange result

    In the attacvhed part the revolution cut produces a cut that looks like a parabolic. But the figure that cuts has no such line. Am I doing something wrong?? Berdien Mareike
  5. H-L-Smith

    Revolve Question

    I'm just going to embarrass myself here by asking a question I've figured out in the past. I'm doing a straight-forward revolve of a closed sketch where the revolve axis is through the geometric center of the sketch, a half circle that will create a hemisphere on the model. I'm getting the...