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    Sweep cut difficulties

    I'm working on a model of a phone case. I started by creating a solid of the phone, then using shell. From there, I'm using various cuts to get the final shape. I'm struggling with a sweep cut that is acting peculiar. In the attached model, "Sweep <39>" won't allow me to close the loop...
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    Yet another question about Sweeping, but this time with a Twist

    Hi Brains Trust, Has anyone found a successful method for sweeping along an angled circle, but keeping the shape parallel to a plane? In the drawings below, the first pic is there just for perspective, so you don't end up as confused as I am. Imagine a spiral staircase. Each step is slightly...
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    Can I make something like this in Alibre (Loft-Sweep-Spline-Blend)?

    Hi Guys :-) This is my first post in here. As an "old" Alibre user (2014) I am really, REALLY, REALLY excited to find out that my old "love" have come back, better and stronger than ever before. I have literaly struggled with FreeCad and it nearly killed me, because everything was hard to do...
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    Error with Sweep

    Hello, I am trying to make a sweep with a 3D sketch as the path, and I can't figure out why this sweep is not working. I am getting the error "Path Objects result in more than one continuous path for sweep". The radii are large enough for the sketch to sweep (in this case, a circle). I have...