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  1. silver2row

    Post Processors for Atom3D or Should I Update to the CNC Versioning?

    Hello, I found myself in the mix. This mix pertains to an Acorn CNC and router configuration of my PC. Does the Atom 3D source come with post processing or should I update to the CNC Version? Seth P.S. I would like to have Centroid Post Processing but I am probably reaching out on a limb...
  2. silver2row

    Watching and Performing Actions on Bolts!

    Hello, As some of you may know, I am new to the idea of drawing mechanical instances. I have been following along in videos and learning Alibre Atom3D (my current subscription) by way of tutorials recently to learn more. So, in the bolt video, https://www.alibre.com/atom3d-training/ , I see...
  3. 3DPrince

    Atom 3D: Allow multiple "Trim" without continual "Confirm Trim Figure"

    When using "Trim" It would be good if when the "Confirm Trim Figure" dialog box comes up giving a warning, to have a tick box option on that dialog which enables: "Do not show this again in this session". This would then allow multiple Trims without having to <Enter> through all the warnings. I...
  4. 3DPrince

    Setting Export file type default

    I am new to Atom 3D (V22)... Every time I "Export" the finished part, it always comes up to export as ".stp" and then I have to scroll down to the bottom of the file types to select ".stl" It would nice if I could set this somehow to ".stl" as the default. Could this be done in settings? - I...