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  1. G

    2D drawing questions - mostly dimensioning radial holes

    Hello all, I've been trying to up my game in Alibre lately (I'm running Pro v28) and my weakest area is in 2D drawings, which I've ignored for too long... Referencing the attached snip, I cannot get a hole callout on the radial holes you see that are 45* apart. They were created with the hole...
  2. B

    2D drawing using an existing assembly as a guide

    Hi, I'm very new to Alibre. If I want to make a 2d drawing using an externally created assembly as a guide, what are my options? Ideally, I would be able to import the assembly, design around it, and then delete it, leaving only the part. I know that it's possible to use assembly boolean...
  3. J

    Sheet Metal pisitioning in 2D Drawing

    HI. When I create a Sheet Metal part from 3D part, I get a Sheet Metal part with base part coordinate system. When create a drawing, I can positioning the part at such an angle or define new part view, where the plate is perpendicular to the screen (but still is rotated in this plane). Do...
  4. E

    2D Drawing - Dual dimensions - Dimension override

    In a 2D drawing, I'm displaying all measurements with dual dimensions (mm & in). When I set a tolerance on the primary, it is properly converted to the tolerance on the alternate dimension. However, if I override the dimension value, it does not get converted in the alternate dimension. For...
  5. S

    2D Drawing Support Question

    Hello, I am a new user to CAD Software and Alibre in general. I was wondering if there is a way to write a feature and feature control frame as follow in the picture? Is there a way to write 2X and then the dimension as in Symbol "B"? Also how would I write the lower control frame that is...
  6. jordanyte

    How to use a part surface as 2D drawing reference plane

    I need to use 2D drawings to export outlines for CNC/Laser cutting. Problem is many of the parts in the assembly do not align to any normal workspace reference plane. So how can I control the reference so that I have an accurate 2D drawing outline of the part, perpendicular to that part...
  7. I

    2D drawins scale in sketches

    Iker Landaluce I have a doubt, in the 2D dragging section when I make a sketch this doesn’t have the same scale than the rest of the drawing. For example, if I´m drawing a line in a 1:10 drawing and I put a dimension of 4500 mm the line really measures 4500 mm in the drawing, instead of 450 mm...
  8. S

    2019 - No shading in sectioned parts

    Hi, my 2D drawings don't seem to display any shading/hatch pattern when I create a section view. Has anyone else found this?
  9. A

    Latest AD throws exception, then crashes when attempting to create 2D drawing of assembly

    G'day all: I have opened as support ticket for an issue I am having where the latest AD throws an exception, then crashes when I attempt to create a 2D drawing of a relatively simple assembly; I thought I would post here in case any others have experienced similar issues since installing AD...
  10. simonb65

    Selected items and printing 2D drawings

    Is it a bug, or have I missed an option somewhere, but if you selected an item on a 2D drawing (i.e. view or bitmap) for which you see a bounding box for the item; when you do a print (physical of virtual PDF printer), should you really still see the bounding box on the PDF or printed page...