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  1. Alyksr

    Inconsistent behaviour when using mouse for rotation / panning

    I've been trying out Atom3D and so far the only major issue I've found is some inconsistency with rotating and panning with the middle mouse button, even with the default keybinds. As a previous user mentioned (see Input Lag When Using MMB for Rotation post), the middle mouse click doesn't...
  2. J

    Shell Tool Behavior

    Attached is a file that has an error in the shell operation. I am trying to shell out both flat surfaces to make an odd tube-like object with a wall thickness of 0.5". Can someone explain why it results in an error? I believe it has something to do with the sketch that's on the offset ZX...
  3. kiwiavi

    Ver 26 on Win 7

    Not sure where to post this but I have V24 running sweet and decided to try V26 Beta Error Message: The program can't start because api-ms-win-core-path-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Thanks Wallace.
  4. M

    Strange Behavior with Conic Curves (When Maintaining Association)

    I stumbled across something that is inexplicable and baffles me. First off, I’m (still) using Alibre Design Expert v24 (build 24044). I’d be interested if a) this weird behavior occurs in later versions, too, and b) if someone with v24 can also replicate the issue. Steps to replicate: 1)...
  5. CNC Crasher

    Input Lag When Using MMB for Rotation

    One of the first things I did when trying out Atom3D was switching from L + R Mouse Button Hold to Middle Mouse Button for rotating my view. But I noticed that there was this weird input lag. If my mouse cursor velocity was below a certain threshold, the view would not rotate. I'd have to jerk...
  6. E

    Centerlines adding themselves... very annoying

    Anytime certain actions occur, alibre adds center lines to the views. Example: In an assy drawing I create/update a broken out section. When I accept the change Alibre adds all center lines to the view. This is extremely annoying because I either need to individually delete all center lines or...
  7. M

    Bug: STP Selected after STL Export

    Just one bug in the last Geomagic version (not switched to Alibre 2017.1 yet): After exporting to STL, the next time the file format selected by default for export is not STL but STP. Looks like a simple off-by-on error with 0-based vs. 1-based indexing.