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  1. w3Leon

    Need dimensions on reduced scaled views

    Hello All, I'm looking for some help/advice with dimensions on a reduced scaled view on a 2D drawing. I make miniature reproduction items and some of my customers like to see comparative the dimensions of various reduced scales. My typical drawing format scales are Full, 1/3 and 1/4 on the...
  2. M00m137

    Labels, decals, and how to bring image in a drawing to the top?

    Hi all, Representing parts with labels on in Alibre is a bit of a pain. Can anyone suggest a method? I tried using the "Sheets and Views ->Image" to superimpose the artwork over the part view - nasty, but it works... oh, except it doesn't because the artwork sits BEHIND the part view! Makes...
  3. Lew_Merrick

    Improving the Drawing "annotation" Editor

    I argue that we need a more powerful and stale tool to edit Annotations in the Drawing environment.
  4. jordanyte

    How to use a part surface as 2D drawing reference plane

    I need to use 2D drawings to export outlines for CNC/Laser cutting. Problem is many of the parts in the assembly do not align to any normal workspace reference plane. So how can I control the reference so that I have an accurate 2D drawing outline of the part, perpendicular to that part...
  5. jordanyte

    Flat part drawing orientation for laser cutting - RESOLVED

    I have an assembly where several of the parts are oriented on different planes at odd angles - 5 deg and 17 degrees for example. The entire assembly is to be fabricated from laser cut sheet stock, 4.5mm thick. To generate the outputs that will drive the cutter, I must create 2D flat outlines...
  6. M

    Panning drawings

    Up until several years ago, when one wanted to pan a drawing, holding both mouse keys down would allow you to move the drawings left-right, up-down. That disappeared and I cannot find the equivalent key or mouse stroke to have that ability. Any solution? Thanks.
  7. N

    showing a sketch in drawing

    Hi All How can I show a sketch created in the part file, on a drawing? If I extrude the sketch I can see it, but this gives the sketch width rather than being a single line, and this isn't ideal for my application. I COULD sketch in the drawing file, but this is a little bit of a messy...
  8. R

    Constraining sketched elements to auto-generated views in Drawing

    I have my 3d models and now I'm making drawings of them. I need to be able to sketch elements (lines and circles) on to the drawing views and constrain my sketched elements to existing views (tangent, midpoint, etc). I can certainly dimension to the sketched items, but I cannot constrain. I...
  9. M

    generate a .dxf with an image

    I've created a drawing and added an image to it. but when I create a dxf I get the drawing without the image. Is there a way to generate the dxf with the image?