Alibre Design is professional 3D MCAD software for individuals and small to medium sized businesses.

We’re an easy choice because we offer:

What can you make in Alibre Design?

  • Variable Aerospike Cowl - by RocketNut
  • Vacuum Chamber - by jhiker
  • Trackless trolley scale model - by FxCAD
  • The D1 chronometer -1400 parts - A replica of the worlds first ship chronometer by dsdrumh
  • Sliding Frame Silo - by SDMCATI
  • Sample guidance assembly - by jhiker
  • mantis-hexapod-3d-model-alibre-design-cad-3d
  • Robotic pick and place - by jfleming
  • RGA Gas Analyzer - by jhiker
  • Denso Robotics Educational Cell - by plaughter
  • Pump Action Dispenser Mechanism - by bigseb
  • Rotary valve cylinder head - by goldenfab
  • Swivel Table - by bigseb
  • Printer Cabinet - by BobSchaefer
  • Power pack - by SDMCATI
  • Model Train Kit - by ElsGray
  • Model builders vice - by Idahoan
  • Live Bottom - by SDMCATI
  • Injection moldable kit of USS Discovery from 2001 A Space Odyssey - by pcseay
  • Injection moldable kit of Aries 1B moonship from 2001 A Space Odyssey - by pcseay
  • Industrial Fan - by bigseb
  • HAL201 Gas Analyser - by jhiker
  • Copper metal exterior - by metalsys
  • Cooling Towers - by Bigseb
  • Caravelle - by RSJ
  • Baking molds conveyors - by menm55
  • Atlas 618 QCGB - by oldfox
  • Analyzer with quartz cover - by jhiker
  • Gas Inlet assembly - by jhiker

Why we’re different


Alibre Design is not for every designer, and we like it that way. We focus on the tools that most people use. This keeps usability high, training fast, and cost of ownership low.

Easy to work with

Our sales, support, licensing, and pricing policies are all designed to make your life easier. If you have a special need, let us see how we can help.

Access is important to us

Our mission is to make professional design tools available to everyone that needs them. That’s why our cost of ownership is lower than other CAD packages, and our training is free.

“The simplicity, power, and flexibility of Alibre Design makes it the first tool I reach for in my role as a consulting mechanical design, development, and manufacturing engineer.”

Lew Merrick

PE, Consultant

“With the ability to share our concepts and ideas with our customers using 3D images, our ability to understand and provide the customers exactly what they need has been very much improved. We are tapping into new market areas that we simply could not have competed in before we started using Alibre Design. I am very satisfied.”

Cincinnati Automation

Design Engineer, Ford Jacobs