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Complete mechanical design software for the world's most demanding ideas, yours included.
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Alibre Design Expert comes with all the necessities and a ton of premium features that keep you creative, efficient, and error-free.
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Easy to try, learn, buy, and own. Just easy in general.

"I use Alibre to model and design many products in our company. It has allowed us to develop and test our products at a very quick pace which significantly reduce our time to market."
Donovan T.
Product Development Manager
Food & Beverages, 11-50 employees
"Getting a Lincoln at the price of a Chevy....this 3D CAD software is a premium entry point for the price! I couldn't be happier with Alibre."
Phil K.
Operations Manager
Aviation & Aerospace, 11-50 employees
"Value and Cost Effectiveness are unmatched in the industry. I would be less productive and less profitable with any other Software."
Darrell H.
Owner / Mechanical Engineer
Small Business

Awesome 3D CAD Software

Wherever you are in your design journey, we've got you covered with professional design solutions for your business or hobby.

Software for Business

Make it real with Alibre Design Expert, our engineering platform for business.
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Software for Hobby Projects

Design your personal projects for 3D print, CNC, and more in Alibre Atom3D.
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Home Shop CAD/CAM

Design components and create 2.5 and 3-axis G-code with Alibre Workshop.
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Power your business

Alibre Design is a business-class CAD solution that offers all the features you expect to design, document, communicate, and maintain your engineering portfolio.

CAD/CAM for Workshops

Alibre Workshop is the world's most bang-for-the-buck CAD/CAM package. Nothing even comes close for the price. Create parts, assemblies, and drawings. 2.5 and 3-axis machining, simulation, and more.

power your projects

Alibre Atom3D is an easy-to-learn 3D/2D CAD package. Design ideas precisely and then manufacture them on your mill, 3D printer, or laser cutter.
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