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Alibre wants to provide you with choices that help you to make the most of your software. Choose the license style that best fits your business.

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License Types


Regular License

Put the software on as many computers as you want – but only one can be active at a time per license. To switch between computers, you will release the license on the first computer and then license the next computer.

  • Ideal for when each software seat is mostly used by one person
  • Ideal for when you don’t need to switch computers repeatedly
  • Internet access is required to license and un-license machines, and about once a month in general

Regular license Mobility Upgrade

The Mobility Upgrade is for people who switch computers often. It's a $200 one-time upgrade cost and automates the process of unlicensing computer A and licensing computer B. This upgrade requires you to have consistent Internet access.

Offline License
Please contact us for purchase. Offline Licenses require an active maintenance plan and a Professional or Expert license.

Offline licenses are used when companies or individuals have security requirements that prevent Internet access. Ideal for small to medium sized teams.

  • Ideal in high-security deployments
  • Ideal when the software doesn’t need to move to different computers often
  • Internet access on the machine is not required
  • Some license related information must be transferred from each computer to Alibre and from Alibre to each computer during initial licensing, and yearly thereafter, for example via USB
  • See the Knowledge Base article

Local Network License
Please contact us for purchase

For companies that have strict security requirements and fluid usage requirements. Local Network licensing provides the flexibility of Concurrent licensing with the security of Offline licensing. Deploy your own licensing server on your network with a pool of licenses. When someone starts the software, a license will automatically be taken from the available pool.

  • Ideal when you have an IT team to deploy the licensing server
  • Ideal when computers on the network don’t have Internet access
  • Ideal when each seat of software may be used by several people on different computers
  • During installation of the licensing server, information must be passed from the server to Alibre, and from Alibre to the server, for example via USB transfer
    • This process must occur yearly and every time the license requirements change – for example when you add another seat

License FAQ

Do I rent or own my license?

Unlike many other CAD vendors, Alibre doesn’t force you into a costly yearly subscription just to access your software and data. You own your license.

Are there required yearly fees?

No. You buy a license and may continue to use it without paying mandatory fees.

Do updates cost extra?

Yes. You can choose to pay a small yearly fee to keep your software up to date with new features and bug fixes.

Can I change my license type?

Yes. Simply contact Alibre or your reseller. There may be a charge to do this

Do all license types cost the same?

No. Different license types have a different cost.

Are licenses per person, per computer, or something else?

Licenses are not tied to a specific person or machine. 1 license means that 1 person can use it on 1 machine at any 1 point in time. 

Can I move my license around?

Yes, you may move your license to a different machine as many times as you wish.

I travel a lot. What if I don’t have Internet for my laptop?

This depends on your license type. Regular Licenses are travel-friendly. The Regular License's Mobility Upgrade does require Internet access every time you launch and close the software. It’s best to tell us about your situation and we’ll guide you.