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What's Inside Alibre Atom3D

Alibre Atom3D is packed with easy-to-use precision tools that help you to design, perfect, and export your ideas for production.
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For 3D printing, CNC

Permanent Licenses, Data Where You Want

Enjoy permanent licenses and buy optional updates when you like. You can easily move your license between computers. Keep your data wherever you want and never lose access to your files.

Make anything

This is where the magic happens.

Precision 3D Modeling

Packed with the tools you need without the clutter. Reclaim your zen and focus on the design challenge instead of the headache.
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Combine Parts Together

Easily combine parts together into a finished design by creating relationships that determine where things go and how they move.
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Drawings for CNC

Create 2D profiles from your 3D models and export as a DWG or DXF - ready to import into any CAM system for 2.5 axis milling.
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Easiest Changes Ever

Changing and refining your model is lightning fast - just edit the dimensions and watch the model update in real-time.
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Familiar UI / Workflows

If you've used products like Solidworks, Inventor, or Fusion360, you'll be right at home. Except this home is less cluttered.
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Awesome Sketching

All 3D models will use some 2D sketches, so it's critical that the sketcher is user friendly and feature rich. Check and check.
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Measure & Analyze

See important data like a model's mass, center of mass, or volume. Use real-time section view tools to peer inside the model.
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Reference Real Life

Bring images into a 3D model and use them as references. Use the wizard to automatically size the images to real life.
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Scale Models

Recreate the iconic designs of yesterday with precision. Engines, trains, and everything in between.
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For Prototyping / 3D Printing / CNC

Alibre Atom3D helps you solve problems and exercise your creativity. Whether you're creating the world's coolest cutting board, awesome artwork, making a product prototype, or making an enclosure for your hobby PCB project - it's got you covered. Just perfect the design and send the files for manufacturing. Works with your 3D printer, CNC, laser cutter, or your good ol' hands.

For Learning 3D CAD

Alibre Atom3D is great for learning how to design things. It uses the same principles as all other major 3D CAD software, so skills you pick up will be applicable for the rest of your life, regardless of what software you use in 10 years. It's powerful enough for serious enthusiasts and easy enough for kids.

Your Perfect Shop Companion

You'll find yourself saying, "I'm going to mock that up real fast," more than you ever thought possible. Alibre Atom3D is just another tool - albeit an important one - that you'll use to measure twice and cut once. You'll design wood projects, 3D printing projects, heck - maybe even your garden layout or your living room.
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Alibre Atom3D Import Formats

Solidworks, STEP, SAT, DWG, DXF, SVG

Alibre Atom3D Export Formats

STL, STEP, SAT, OBJ, DWG (2D), DXF (2D), SVG, PDF (2D & 3D)

Export DWG, DXF, SVG for your mill

Once your drawings are created, you can export them in DWG or DXF for your mill or laser cutter. If you need SVGs, you can export them directly from sketches in a 3D model.
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