Customer Stories

See how Alibre powers teams around the world.

WolvertonBailey, Inc

WolvertonBailey, Inc uses Alibre Design to win the first combustion engine patent in 30 years that crushes heat loss and delivers 160% more mechanical energy to the wheels versus the traditional Otto design. See how they did it.

Rolling Motion

Traction drives have long been used to transmit power, but Pawloski’s RMI Traction Drive utilizes rolling motion to eliminate friction and inefficiencies with 6 moving parts. See how they designed and patented this crazy efficient drive.

Beeline Mowers

Vern spent a quarter of a century designing, building, testing, using, and perfecting his invention. Learn about his journey to reinvent the riding mower and to patent a unique Zero Turn Radius (ZTR) mower – The BeeLine.

Scaled Energy LLC

It’s not uncommon to see solar panels installed on homes. Why not wind turbines? Inventor Helmuth Geiser of Fort Myers, Florida, thought this was an interesting question, and the answer started Scaled Energy.


Creating such a modern and modular piece of nautical equipment presented some peculiar challenges that pushed both the designer and the design software into new waters. Learn how Switchsports delivered this modular masterpiece.

Stoltz Mfg., LLC

Stoltz’s heavy duty construction style and ability to react quickly to customer demands are quickly making the company an industry leader in the farming and construction industries. See how they meet deadlines and innovate.

Bad Dog Cycles

Bill Price isn’t a regular guy. He’s a guy that thinks the world needs a 3500cc motorcycle with over 300 horse power and a 6 inch bore. This thing is absolutely massive, just like Bill’s vision to dominate this niche market.

Linn Audio

The lights dim, the screen flickers, the THX logo appears on the screen, and you hear that wonderful rich sound from your home theater speakers. If your set of speakers is built by Linn Audio then you are in for a real treat.

Cavey's Clubs

Seeing green isn’t normally a good thing, but everyone was jealous of Matt’s guitars. So much so that he turned his hobby into a business making custom fully custom guitars using his own designs, Alibre Design, and a little CNC.


Formed in 1995, RMS works in aerospace, medical, power generation, and transport sectors. Most projects require the incorporation of commercially available components into a bespoke system.

Novellus Systems

John Rasberry was working on an idea for a new chemical vapor deposition machine that would have multiple robotic components arranged around the common transfer core. See how he made it efficient and serviceable.

Silent Wings

From the time Bob Carlton was five years old and his parents took him to see the Thunderbirds perform at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, he dreamed of an adventure in the air. Now he designs jet-powered gliders.


Modular Packaging Technologies makes automatic packaging systems for specialty medical devices. Malnar designs the table-sized equipment himself at MPT’s San Diego-based facility, which handles all of the manufacturing in-house.

String Theory YoYo

Yo-yos seem like toys, but there is a lot of physics going on in terms of getting an optimal one. Learn how String Theory performed a cross-sectional weight distribution analysis to get the weight perfect for the maximum spin time.

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