22 years

Founded in 1997, Alibre has delivered professional, affordable CAD solutions for business, education, and hobby for 22 years.

$248 Million

Our mission to deliver professional CAD at affordable prices has saved businesses over $248 million in licensing and yearly fees.

129 Countries

Alibre and its worldwide partner network power customers in 129 countries and every industry vertical.

What we do

Our mission is to maximize the access of professional design solutions to today's world-changers, educators, and entrepreneurs through affordability, simplicity, and service.

A little about us

Alibre has a rich history of innovation. Founded in 1997, Alibre began work with Microsoft to create the world's first browser-based distributed 3D CAD environment. Not limited to product innovation, Alibre also disrupted the market with a pricing structure unheard of at the time - a low cost, high availability plan that democratized access.

Alibre was the first company to see the incredible creative potential of individuals and Makers, and in 2010 was the first company to offer a design solution at under $100.

Since then, we've continued our history of inclusiveness by providing cost-effective, powerful design solutions to businesses, students, educators, hobbyists en masse - the way it should be.

Our Worldwide Network

Alibre has a strong worldwide partner network to provide sales, training, and customer support in your timezone and language.
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