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Business-grade design solutions
Power your design or manufacturing business with the world's most bang-for-the-buck engineering platform.
3D Design
Precise and powerful 3D design to power product creation. From consumer products to fixtures, heavy machinery, molds, and more.
Beautiful, precise  manufacturing drawings, patent drawings, and assembly instructions are just a few clicks away.
Sheet Metal
Dedicated tools to make the design of sheet metal parts easy and fast. Convert regular solids to sheet metal, and create flat patterns with a click.
Power marketing, sales, websites, brochures, and more with built-in rendering. Drag-and-drop materials to create beautiful pictures from your CAD data.


For all industries and applications
Alibre Design's mature toolset has been built over 20 years to power a broad range of applications, including yours.
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Customer Story:
WolvertonBailey LLC
What does it take to earn the first new combustion engine patent in over 30 years? A dream, some ingenuity, lots of work, a little luck, and great design software.
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Customer Story:
Rolling Motion Industries
A new fixed-ratio traction drive from Rolling Motion Industries leverages engineered fluids and precision manufacturing for a simple design that’s up to 98% efficient.
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Easy to own, easy to buy, easy to use
You own your license. No mandatory yearly fees. Your data lives where you want. Superior cost of ownership.
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Take your design process to the next level with Alibre's design solutions. For your workshop or your global engineering team, we've got you covered.
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