Alibre Design Interface

Uncluttered. An efficient and customizable user interface means Alibre Design is a joy to use and easy to learn.
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Work the way you want - we love choices

Work with one or all of the UI approaches depending on what you're used to and what makes you the most efficient.
Intuitive ribbon interface if you prefer big, easy-to-find user interface objects.
Fully customizable toolbars if you prefer total control over your buttons and their locations.
menu system if you prefer a minimalist UI that doesn't get in your way.
You can even add our icons to your SpaceMouse or other 3rd party hardware - just ask and we'll send them to you.

Laser-focused workspaces for major functional areas

Cramming everything into one place makes using software miserable. Relax and focus just on the task at hand, seeing only what you need to.

Part Workspace

Create individual components of your design. This is where you will spend most of your time.

Sheet Metal Workspace

Create sheet metal parts that unfold. Everything here is sheet-metal oriented.

Assembly Workspace

Bring components together into a finished product that moves accurately.

Drawing Workspace

Convert 3D models into precise, detailed manufacturing drawings.

Bill of Materials Workspace

Create a bill of materials that can be exported or put into a drawing.

Global Parameter Workspace

House important variables and equations used throughout a design in one place.

Color Blind Mode

Three color schemes designed for color blind users ensure you can distinguish between the functionality of icons for the most common types of color blindness:

Deuteranopia – red-green color blindness
Protanopia - red color blindness
Tritanopia - blue-yellow color blindness

Thoughtful, simple iconography stops the guessing game.

Light and bright or dark and focused - customize away.

Logically laid out and easy to get the hang of.

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