CAM Add-ons

Milling, Turning, and EDM

What is CAM software?

CAM software turns 2D or 3D designs into directions for your mill or lathe. For home/hobby CAM, consider Alibre Workshop. For professional CAM, consider the partners below.

Ezcam Solutions Inc.

EZ-MILL is a full featured milling system containing many advanced capabilities normally associated with more expensive systems. It includes all the EZ-MILL Express functionality plus Gears/Splines/Cams Geometry Creation, 2,5D milling operations applied to imported solid models, 4th axis indexing/wrapping and a 3D profiling cycle. Also included is the Optimize Curve command to simplify curves by fitting tangent arcs to polyline segments.

Powerful geometry extraction tools make prismatic machining from 3D data a simple task. EZ-CAM’s unique integrated spreadsheet enables you to view all operation parameters at a glance, and the associative toolpath generation allows you to update your toolpaths with just a single click.

SprutCAM Tech

SprutCAM X supports direct import of parts from Alibre Design via an add-on.

The SprutCAM X system allows users to add a “SprutCAM X” button directly in Alibre Design. On clicking this button, the current model is transferred and opened directly in SprutCAM X. Additionally, while in the Alibre session, the user is able to keep editing the model and then with a click of the “SprutCAM X” button they are able to update the earlier opened model, recalculate the current tool path and generate a new control program. Such associativity ensures convenient working and updating with SprutCAM X and the highest efficiency of the machining process due to excellent control programs.
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