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Own a perpetual license or enjoy the flexibility of subscription.
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/ license
Optional updates plan separate.
The best hobby-grade 3D modeling suitable for CNC, 3D printing, and hand tool projects.
Precise modeling for 3D print / CNC
Easy to learn, simple interface
Models move realistically
Easily move to different computers
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Design Pro
/ license
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Entry-level professional 3D/2D mechanical CAD software for business.
Dedicated Account Manager
Core sketching toolset
Core 3D modeling toolset
Core views and detailing in 2D
Scripting language for automation
Direct editing tools
Extended file format support
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Or start a 30 day free trial
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Design Expert
/ license
Or $200/mo. on a 10-month payment plan.
Complete mechanical design software for the world's most demanding ideas.
Everything in Alibre Design Pro plus:
Every modeling and detailing tool
Global design variables
Sheet metal modeling
Motion for screw, gear, pulley, etc. 
Design Configurations
Dynamic Design Library
Alibre Toolbox
Photorealistic Rendering

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Dedicated Account Manager
Transfer licenses to different computers
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Create 3D PDFs
Create 2D PDFs
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Import Formats

Learn more
Inventor, ProE/CREO, Catia, and Solidedge
IGES, Parasolid
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Export Formats

Learn more
2D and 3D PDF
IGES, Parasolid
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Part Modeling

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Precise geometry creation
Basic 3D Modeling
Equation-Driven Design
Advanced 3D Modeling
Automatic Thread Features
Thin Features
Import or Create Surfaces
Push-Pull / Direct Modeling
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Sketching Tools

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Basic Sketch Creation Tools
Automatic Sketch Analysis
Advanced Sketch Creation Tools
Sketching Time Savers
Insert points from a file
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Assembly Modeling

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Basic Assembly Modeling
Exploded Views
Folders in the Assembly Explorer
Assembly Booleans
Assembly Patterns
Mirror Part / Subassembly
Alibre Toolbox
Mechanical Motion Constraints
Assembly-Level Features
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2D Drawings

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Basic View Creation
Basic Detailing Tools
Create Tables
Advanced Engineering Views
Advanced Detailing Tools
Shaded Views
Work with BOMs
Automatic Field Population
Dimension Position Wizard
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Scripting Language

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Python Scripting Engine
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Sheet Metal Modeling

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Sheet Modeling Tools
Convert Models to Sheet Metal
Flat Patterns
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Complexity Management

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Global Design Variables
Design Configurations
Dynamic Design Library
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Photorealistic Rendering

Frequently Asked Questions

Lifetime Licenses

What is a lifetime license?

The lifetime licenses are purchased once and can be run indefinitely, as long as your computer and operating system can support it. Unlike Subscription Licenses, a lifetime license does not come with product updates. Instead, you can choose whether to purchase an update plan whenever you like. Your software runs whether or not you buy an update plan. If you want a license you can buy once, never pay another penny for (unless you want optional updates or support), and have it still work - this is the one to get.

Subscription Licenses

Why would I want a Subscription license instead of a Lifetime / Perpetual license?

The main advantage of a Subscription license is that it allows you to get and use the software for a much cheaper initial cost than buying a lifetime license outright. The main advantage of a Perpetual/Lifetime license is that once you buy it, you are never required to spend more money, though most customers do purchase optional yearly product update and support plans for perpetual licenses.

Where do I keep my data?

Wherever you want. Alibre does not have a server to keep your data. Your data is yours!

If I stop my subscription, is my data held hostage?

No. The cloud never touches your data. Heck, we don't even have a cloud. Put it wherever you want, access it however you want, whenever you want, whether or not you pay for a subscription. Some files may only be able to be opened with Alibre products - and without a subscription you will not be able to open them. But you will still have all your files, exported files, product data, etc. since it always lives on your machine and never on Alibre's servers.

If the cloud goes down, will my software start?

Almost certainly. You aren't working "on the cloud" with our subscription. Our software only has to connect to the internet about once every 30 days for a few seconds. So as long as you've done that at any time in the last 30 days, you can open it right up - even if there is no Internet.

Government Purchases

Is Alibre registered with the System for Award Management (SAM) and does Alibre have a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code?

Yes, Alibre is registered with the System for Award Management (SAM), which is the official U.S. government system that consolidates the capabilities of several federal procurement systems and the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance. Additionally, we possess a valid Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code. This code is a unique identifier assigned to suppliers to various government or defense agencies, and it helps to support a variety of automated systems throughout the government. We believe that being registered and up-to-date in these systems demonstrates our commitment to transparency and readiness to work with government entities.

Licensing & Upgrades

What's the difference between a monthly/yearly subscription and a Perpetual/Lifetime License?

Monthly or yearly subscriptions give you flexibility to use the software without committing to a larger up-front cost. When your subscription ends, so does your access to the software. While on an active subscription, you also get access to all the latest updates.

For Perpetual/Lifetime Licenses, you spend more up front, but you own the software and can continue to use it indefinitely without paying more money. You have the option of also getting a yearly product update + support plan, known as software maintenance, but it is not required.

Are floating licenses, local network licenses or offline licenses available?

Floating, Local Network and Offline licenses are types of perpetual licenses and are available for Alibre Design products. These license types are not available from the online store. Please contact Alibre or your reseller to set local network licenses or offline licenses.

Can I upgrade to a higher version of the software later?

It's easy - just pay the difference and restart your software and it will start up as the higher version. Contact us at 877-7-ALIBRE or email


What is software maintenance? Does it apply to Subscriptions or Perpetual licenses?

Software maintenance does not apply to subscription licenses - it only applies to Perpetual / Lifetime Licenses. Maintenance is an optional plan you buy in year-long allotments that provides your perpetual license access to all software updates and provides you with live product support. Subscription licenses include product updates at no extra charge.

What do I get with software maintenance?

For perpetual/lifetime licenses, you have the option of buying yearly update and customer support plans, called "Software Maintenance". This plan gives you access to software updates, customer support, and the ability to use the license portal.

Does the software still work if I don't renew maintenance?

For perpetual/lifetime licenses, you have the option of buying yearly update and customer support plans, called "Software Maintenance". If you do not buy it, the software will continue to work for as long as your computer / operating system support the version you have. One of the main benefits of perpetual licenses is that your software will work indefinitely even if you do not buy maintenance every year.


Can I buy online?

You can buy the most common products online. If you need special license types such as Offline License or Local Network License or Floating License, you will need to contact us to get it set up. 

If you live in a country that has a value-added reseller, you must purchase through them and you will not be able to purchase online from

Can I talk or chat with a person?

Of course. During normal business hours, you can click the chat button at the bottom right of most pages on to start a chat. Or, you can call us at 877-7-ALIBRE (877-725-4273) or email
Contact us

I live in __________. Do you sell to me?

Alibre primarily sells direct to the United States, Canada, and a few other countries. For most other countries, we have an experienced network of local value-added resellers who speak your language, are available during your workday, and provide customer support. Check our reseller list below. 
See reseller list

Can I pay with a check or a PO?

Yes, please contact us to pay with a check or purchase order.

Software Requirements

What are the system requirements? Can Alibre products run on Mac/Linux?

Alibre products run on Microsoft Windows only.
See system requirements

Do Alibre products need Internet access?

For the most common license types, you can be Internet-free with no disruption for about a month. Hop on a plane, go to the woods, no problem. About once a month, the software will need to connect to the Internet for a few seconds. 

Some of the special license types are different - floating licenses require Internet access every time you start and close the software. Local Network and Offline licenses do not need access to the Internet, but do require some other administrative tasks. If you are unsure which is right for you, reach out to or your reseller.


How often do updates and new versions come out?

Typically, there are 2-3 major updates per year. 

Can I import or export files from other CAD software?

Different versions of the software can open and save different file types. Compare them below:
Compare import/export

Is there training available?

Various kinds of written and video training are available for free.
See training

Can I install on multiple computers?

Install on as many computers as you want. You can run it on one computer at a time.

Can I open and edit DXF files?


Can Alibre open and edit STL files?

No, but you can export STL files.

How similar is it to other 3D CAD programs?

Very similar. Most 3D CAD programs operate in fundamentally the same way. If you know Solidworks or Inventor or Fusion360, you will be able to jump right into Alibre products with very little or no training.

Can it be used for building layouts/blueprints?

Yes, but we don't recommend it. Instead, choose a software package that is dedicated to blueprints / building layouts. Alibre products are more tailored towards product design instead of architecture. That being said, people have made some cool stuff!
See architecture models

Can it import images?

Yes, you can import images and use them to help you create 3D models.

What's the threshold for how much money I can make with the hobbyist version?

There is no threshold. That being said, if you are starting to take your business and production environment more seriously you should consider upgrading to Alibre Design as the time-saving tools, data management, and error-reduction will probably pay for themselves quickly.
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