Wow your stakeholders

Why Easy Rendering is Important

If your rendering software is hard to use, you won't use it. If you can get great results in minutes, you'll likely incorporate rendering into more points of your workflow. Pre-visualization, material studies, marketing materials, bids, and client approval are all powered by Keyshot rendering.

Rendering Overview Video

Rendering is done in a companion application called Keyshot. A built-in link between the design and rendering solutions provide one-click geometry transfer.

Rendering Like a Dream

Keyshot rendering feels great to use. Here's why:

Drag and Drop Materials

No endless tweaking or making everything from scratch. Drag and drop simplicity makes applying materials easy.

Easy Lighting

Lighting is handled mostly with special images called HDR files. A bunch ship with Keyshot, and they provide photo-realistic lighting conditions. Or, you can make your own light setups.

Realtime Feedback

You don't need to press Render and then wait to see how it's going to look. Keyshot is always rendering, and if leave it alone for a few seconds you'll get a great idea of how it will look.

Huge Material Library

Metal, wood, plastic, paint, and tons more. Even special effects like smoke or cutaway materials to make beautiful section views. Add your own or modify them to suit your needs.

Photorealistic Results

The results speak for themselves. Keyshot rendering takes product visualization to a new level.

GPU & CPU Acceleration

If you have a good GPU, amp up the performance by entering GPU mode (on supported models). Otherwise, fully utilize all your CPU's cores.
A model of an industrial grinder rendered in Keyshot.

Accurate Materials

A huge library of pixel-perfect accurate materials covering any industrial materials you might want. Wood, plastic, paint, metal, leather, and so much more.

Accuracy refers to how true-to-life the materials can get. Keyshot uses the physics of light to ensure accurate material models. All you have to do is drag and drop.
A render of a rotor assembly.

An effortless Workflow

Transfer Model

Transfer the model with a single click from any 3D workspace.

Apply Materials

Drag and drop materials from the local library or the cloud library.

Choose Lighting

Choose a lighting image to set the mood of your picture with global illumination.

Special Effects

Tons of special effects like Depth of Field, section views, toon shading, procedural textures and more give you creative freedom to make your design stand out.

Any Resolution

Render at any resolution you need. You can create arbitrarily large images for web, print, or a billboard you can see from space.


Need to apply a picture of your logo or any other image to the model? Use labels to place and size image files directly on model faces.

Multi-Material Parts

Using the Face Color feature in Alibre Design, you can define separate colors for each face. When you get into Keyshot, you can now apply separate materials to each color block. Great for showing different surface finishes.

Advanced Features

Apply diffuse, bump, normal, specular, and opacity maps if needed. Advanced material models let you replicate just about any material in the world if the library doesn't have it.
A render of a banjo using wood, metal, and translucent materials.