Photorealistic Rendering

Drag and drop your way to remarkable results with Keyshot for Alibre - the world's easiest to use professional rendering solution.
Download Alibre Design

Drag and Drop

Drag materials and light setups onto your model and customize as needed.

Easy Light Setup

Use included or custom HDR light images to light the scene automatically.


Max out your GPU or CPU to get results in record time.

Special Effects

Section views, toon shading, depth of field, and much more.

Direct Link with CAD

Send models from Alibre Design directly to Keyshot for Alibre.

Huge Library

Tons of real-world materials and even more for free in an online database.

Rendering Overview Video

Rendering is useful for so many parts of your workflow. Learn the basics of the workflow with this video.
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Material Study
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Virtual photography
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Product Manuals
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And a lot more...

Awesome special effects and one-click light setup.

Not just good looking. Real looking.

You see great looking renders, but you don't see the decades of research and cutting-edge light transport algorithms that go into making sure that light is simulated accurately. 

Materials in Keyshot are modeled after their real-world counterparts, resulting in true-to-life images.

Create awesome documentation

Keyshot for Alibre gives you exceptional creative freedom to render images for manuals, assembly instructions, or servicing documents. Flat shading gives the appearance of simple line drawings that are easy to interpret.

Metals, plastics, paints, glasses, woods, and so much more.

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