Sample Models

Open these files after installing Alibre Design or Alibre Atom3D.

Table Fan

A table fan modeled with the core mechanical components.

Model Airplane Engine

A Wankel engine for a model airplane.

Fishing Reel

A fishing reel with internal gears and drive system.

Automatic Shaver Head

The gear and drive system from motor to cutter for an automatic shaver.

Boring Head

A dial-adjustable boring head for machining large or uncommon hole sizes. Courtesy of Model Engineers’ Workshop magazine.

Workshop Table

A workshop table with built-in rails for fastening hardware. 

Hurricane Bowl

A lofted vase passing through progressively smaller profiles to form a hurricane form.

Sound Dampener

A sound dampening vessel for an air compressor.

Vertical Planter

A modular vertical planter for eco-friendly gardening or just some extra color.


A wheel for a vehicle.

3D Printed Vase

An artistic vase made for 3D printing.


A simple flange.

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