Alibre for Consumer Products

Design beautiful, functional products that can be manufactured efficiently and cost effectively.
"There aren’t too many straight lines on the kayak; our designer did a fantastic job at pushing Alibre Design and himself to new and uncharted design territory."
Stacy Bower
Owner, Switchsports

Exacting Design

Precise and powerful for demanding design
Alibre products contain the tools you need to precision-engineer assemblies that need to work well, feel beautiful, and last.
No limits
Your designs can grow as large or stay as simple as you require.
Reuse everything
Leverage previous work on new projects to maximize your speed.
Complete picture
Create models with all the hardware, tolerances, and materials defined.


Precise, intuitive, and efficient
Parametric design means you define the size of things with variables that are easy to edit later. Create parts of unlimited complexity, build in intelligence with equations, and make it micron-perfect for manufacturing.
Powerful tools
Over 20 years of development means you have the tools you need to design anything.
Manage complexity
Create logical structures for your design and manage growing designs.
Part families
Create families of parts or assemblies that can be reused in different circumstances.

Design anything

From mechanical to optics to PCB 
Alibre products support robust design of many kinds of objects, and optional add-ons allow full workflow integration from common co-design applications such as PCB software.
Tons of addons
Our addon partners extend Alibre products into CAM, PCB, FEA, and more.
Global variables
Manage core design variables from a single file. Updating it changes all other files.
Connect Alibre products with Microsoft Excel to drive design dimensions.


Gain buy-in early and often
Alibre products have a suite of tools to help you communicate, including photorealistic rendering to 3D PDF creation. Send interactive models that anyone can open and create stunning materials for brochures, websites, or presentations.
Create interactive 3D PDF files you can share with anyone to look at your model.
Beautiful renders
Create beautiful photorealistic renders for internal and external stakeholders.
Material studies
Try tons of colors and materials out virtually instead of producing prototypes.


Power through sheet-good design
Easily create complex sheet-metal based models that you can unfold, inspect, and manufacture.
Dedicated tools
Alibre products contain dedicated sheet metal tools to create complex models.
Built-in math
Let the software take care of the math - you focus on the design.
Convert solid models into sheet metal enclosures with a few clicks.


Create sculpted shapes
Create eye-pleasing products that feel good to use and stand up to (ab)use.
Organic models
Create organically shaped 3D models with several tools.
Work with surfaces
Import surface models from other software.
Make it beautiful
Combine aesthetics and robust engineering into a finished product.


Manufacture and document
Create production-ready documentation, assembly instructions, illustrations, and more.
Comprehensive 2D
Tons of detailing tools to create specialized views, annotations, and more.
When the 3D model updates, your 2D drawings and annotations update.
For production
2D drawings are ready to be sent to the machine shop.
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