Alibre for Machine Design

Fast concepting, unlimited precision, powerful modeling, and comprehensive 2D documentation.
No limits
Your designs can grow as large or stay as simple as you require.
Test ideas
Try out design changes quickly and test their impact on motion, weight, and more.
Create production-ready 2D drawings that  update automatically.


Fully represent your design
Design a complete 3D data model of your product that is easy to edit and document. Check movement and range of motion and create full 2D documentation for production.
Every detail
Capture every manufacturing detail in your 3D virtual model.
Efficient design
Easy workflows, a thoughtful user interface, and tons of options to make you fast.
Use files from almost any major CAD system directly in your design.

Large Assemblies

Manage complexity with confidence
Alibre products support the creation of assemblies with thousands of parts. Represent the design down to the washer and gain a complete picture.
Large models
Designs can grow as large as needed with sufficient RAM and processor power.
Easy structuring
Break up models into logical sub-groups so you easily organize large assemblies.
Easy constraints
Drag and drop constraints and what-you-see-is-what-you-get previews.


Beautiful renders for stakeholders
Rapidly turn your 3D model into a picture-perfect image that you can use for brochures, bids, websites, and more. Perform material and finish studies virtually for look and feel buy-in without making prototypes.
2D drawings
A complete 2D documentation suite to capture every manufacturing detail.
Beautiful images
Make true-to-life images in minutes directly from the 3D model.
Material studies
Try out different colors and materials with other teams to get it right early.


Test how things will move
Alibre products support full 3D constraints that allow you to define real-world relationships between parts. As a result, you can drag parts around and see how other parts will move.
Drag components to make mechanisms move to simulate motion.
3D constraints
Real-world relationships define how parts fit together and move.
Catch problems
Quickly find problem areas with range of motion to fix before production.


Define materials, get data
During modeling, you will define the material for each part. Building the design data model allows you to query physical properties such as mass, as well as engineering data such as center of mass, moments of inertia, and more.
Data model
Define attributes for each part that cascade into larger analyses later.
Physical properties
Quickly find surface area, volume, mass, and more.
Engineering data
Center of mass, mass moments of inertia, principal axes, and more.

Part Families

Create intelligent designs
Create families of parts or assemblies that allow you to switch between attributes quickly. Change fasteners, create variations of open and closed machine states and more with Design Configurations.
Reduce complexity
Create intelligent designs that represent different properties on-demand.
Easier to maintain
Working with a few smart parts is faster than updating hundreds of regular ones.
Represent states
Represent different model states such as "open/closed" or "on/idle/off".

Sheet metal

Dedicated sheet design tools
Create advanced sheet metal parts for enclosures, connections, ducting, and more. Unbend to view flat patterns and project into 2D drawings. Convert solid models into sheet metal models with a conversion wizard.
Dedicated tools
A dedicated sheet metal workspace brings all the tools together.
Instant flat pattern
One-click flat patterns let you check for overlaps and manufacturability.
No math needed
Alibre products take care of the math - you focus on the sheet metal design.
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