Alibre for Woodworking

Make beautiful products with unlimited accuracy, less waste, easy modifications, and great visualization.
"I only had to design it one time, and now I can build these cottages in a factory with 50 different motifs so people can customize to their taste."
David Johnson
Founder, Gingerbread Homes

Make anything

You have unlimited freedom
In Alibre products the sky is the limit for your woodworking projects. From simple toys to full kitchens to sculpted furniture or built-ins, the software can accommodate any shape or size you need.
No limits
Your designs can grow as large or stay as simple as you require.
Reuse everything
Leverage previous work on new projects to maximize your speed.
Complete picture
Create the model with hardware, joinery, and any other detail you need.

Waste less

Find problems before buying materials
Alibre products allow you to fully create, visualize, and prove-out your designs virtually. Check for overlaps and interferences before cutting your first board, keeping the scrap pile to a minimum. Lay out pieces to get the most from a single piece of wood.
Check for overlaps
The software will show you when parts overlap so you can correct it.
Determine weight
Get an idea of how much the entire assembly will weight once you've made it.
Maximize materials
Lay out cuts so you can minimize wasted stock materials.

Cut confidently

Work from perfect 2D documentation
After making the 3D model, create perfect 2D documentation with dimensions and annotations. When your 3D model changes, the 2D documentation automatically updates, minimizing rework and human error.
Eliminate rework
Your 2D documentation reflects the latest changes to your 3D model.
No human error
Since it's automatic, you remove human error from 2D documentation changes.
Fast drawings
Made from the 3D models, your drawings only require adding annotations.


Create assembly instructions, renders, and more
Make exploded views that describe assembly order visually and create assembly animations in a 3D PDF file you can give to customers. Make beautiful product renderings to get buy in sooner and allow you or your clients to rapidly iterate on material and finish choices by looking at the finished result before cutting anything.
Wow clients
Get them excited by showing a beautiful render of what they will get.
Get buy-in
Work with fickle customers to dial in exactly what they want, visually, before starting.
Make quality assembly instructions with exploded views for self-assembly.

Be nimble

Enable rapid client customization
Drive your models with a single parameter file that allows you to make extreme dimensional changes in seconds. The changes propagate through all parts and all the way to the 2D documentation. Return a client's change request in a render within minutes, and start working from updated drawings immediately.
FAST iteration
Drive entire designs from a single variable file and update dozens of parts with a click.
Re-use designs
Modify similar models to fit client needs rather than start from scratch.
Built-in smarts
Make intelligent models that always adhere to your design intent.

Up your game

Go from functional to gorgeous
When you have the freedom to design anything and the ability to make rapid changes, you can get to "good enough" faster and spend more time making it great. Sweat the details, virtually try out 20 combinations of paint and stain - all while communicating to the client and maximizing satisfaction.
Perfect renders
Rapidly create picture-perfect images of the 3D model for your website, clients, or instructions.
Help clients visualize
It's hard for customers to know what they're getting. Make it easy with a picture.
Minimize changes
Early buy-in on materials, finishes, design, and hardware means efficient production.


Tons of options for making it real
Alibre products are compatible with any CAM / CNC setup that you have access to. If you're making something by hand, your 2D drawings will be your best friend. If you have mechanized production, you can feed the model into your CAM software and get it machined on any router, lathe, or 3+ axis machine.
Manufacturing ready
Alibre products are designed with the sole purpose of making manufacturing-ready 3D models and 2D drawings.
A wide range of import/export options gives you freedom to manufacture however you choose.
The process of design, refine, document, and manufacture is repeatable and predictable.
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