Version 22

Shipped October 14, 2020


Data Management

Modeling & Interaction


Other Enhancements & Bug Fixes


Multi-core Support for Drawing Projection

Drawing projection requires several steps. One of those steps has been multi-threaded. This can, but does not always, provide a nice speed improvement. Speed improvements are based on a number of factors including geometry, number of views, etc.

Sketch Editing in Large Assemblies

Editing sketches on parts several levels deep could suffer from performance degradation. They are now more performant.

User Interface

Assembly Save As Dialog

Some cosmetic changes have been made to the Assembly Save As Dialog to provide a bit more white space in certain areas.

Keyboard Shorcuts added to Atom3D

Alibre Atom3D customers now have access to customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Better Placement of Realtime Dimensions 

On high DPI displays the realtime dimension box might be placed under the mouse during figure creation, causing frustrating behavior. The dimension input box has been moved further from the cursor.

High-DPI Improvements Product Wide

On high resolution monitors with Windows scale factors greater than 100%, many dialogs in the product had icons that are way too small. These have been addressed. A handful of other dialogs were not high-resolution aware, resulting in chopped off dialogs. These have been addressed.

New Icons

Some icons have been redesigned to be more clear or visually consistent.

Face Color Dialog

The Face Color dialog has been tweaked.

View Projection Dialog

The 2D Drawing View Projection Dialog has had a few cosmetic changes made to it.

Equation Editor Dialog

Changed some default size settings and modified the way the Name column scales with dialog width, generally increasing its size especially on high resolution displays.

Standard / Custom Properties UI Size

The Standard Properties and Custom Properties areas now resize proportionally with the dialog size.

Reverse Checkbox in Revolves

Revolve Boss/Cut and their thin-wall equivalents now offer a Reverse checkbox.

Bugs Squashed

Very Large Dimension Text on Imported Parts

Editing part in assembly which contains imported STP file with different Model Units displays extremely large or small dimension text.

Face Highlighting in 3D

Highlight issue on hovering over a semi-opaque face in the assembly.

Facet Resolution

Fixed a case where changing facet resolution may not change facets for some faces on a part.

Catalog Features & Imported Geometry

Sometimes sketches saved as Catalog Features would be at an incorrect scale. 


On some models, the number of interferences shown was incorrect.

Measurement Bug with Booleans

Some components generated via boolean operations had unexpected Measurement Tool behavior.

White Parts Showing as Blue in Shaded Views

White parts may show in blue color in Shaded Views in 2D drawings.

Face Colors in Drawings

Face color not showing up in the shaded view when new configurations are added to an assembly.

Transparency Issues

Sometimes transparent objects are seen behind totally opaque objects in assembly.

DXF Import Hangs

Alibre hangs sometimes when importing this DXF file with "m/cm/in" as File units

Multi-Line Labels in 2D Templates

Label Multi-line Text not displaying properly in template.

Note Leader Lines

Note leader lines now behave more predictably.

2D Drawing Font Size

Some text with different font sizes incorrectly interpreted with Hoops in 2D drawings.

Shaded Views & Configurations

Reprojecting shaded views with parts with multiple configs puts Alibre in bad state sometimes.

Hatches on Broken Out Section Views

Hatch goes missing from the broken out section view on a shaded view in 2D Drawing and PDF.

Dragging Views & Line Weights

Dragging the views in drawing sometimes moved the line weight in different direction.

Dynamic Sections & Face Color

Dynamic section view shows hollow body in the presence of a face color.

Precise Section and Faceting

Inserting precise section view could degrades selected facet resolution. 

BOM Header Name Change Clears Data

Changing the Display Header name in the BOM for custom properties cleared the values in that column in 2D drawing.

Lofted Flange Unbend/Rebend

Lofted flange might change height after unbend followed by re-bend.

Circular Dependencies

Detection for circular dependencies between part features has been implemented to prevent crashing.


Centerlines for Patterned / Mirrored Holes 

Improvements in 2D drawings now handle cases where holes have been patterned or mirrored.

Last-Used BOM Template

BOM dialog now remembers the last-used BOM template.

Font Support

More fonts are now supported in 2D drawings

Last-Used Hatch

Hatch dialog now remembers last-used settings.



Several core technology components have been upgraded to the latest versions.

API / Script

Script AutoComplete Improved

Several changes to Script's AutoComplete functionality.

Script Elliptical Arc Copy Bug

Copy of clockwise elliptical arc gets flipped in Alibre Script. This has been addressed.

Image Support in API

Tightly integrated addon is unable to use a BMP or PNG image in DefineTexture api on IADCanvasDisplay interface.

New API for Text on Canvas

New API for tightly integrated addons to draw text into graphics window.
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