Version 25

Features and enhancements of the v25 release.
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Major Features (8)

Enhancements & Bug Fixes (73)


Status Bar, Progress Control, Menu Control

These have been migrated to the next-gen control system.

TreeView Controls

Almost all tree view controls have been migrated to the next-gen control system. You would see things like the Design Explorer and the File Properties / System Options, among others.


Toolbars have been migrated to the next-gen control system. There is still work to make them fully done which will occur once the migration to vector icons happens.

Exit Sketch Mode in Hole Tool

Exit Sketch Mode has been disabled while in the Hole tool. The proper way to complete the sketch and finalize the Hole is to press OK in the Hole dialog.

Smart Expand / Collapse Design Explorer

Smart Expand has been enabled which intelligently expands the Design Explorer.

Equation Editor

Various updates to the equation editor's UI functionality have been made.

Coaxial Constraint Icon

A user suggestion indicated the Coaxial constraint image didn't have the same amount of contrast as other icons, making it hard to determine if it was enabled. The icon has been redesigned.

Feature Control Frame Dialog

It was unclear that two components of the UI were buttons. The diameter symbols now have a button-like appearance with a tooltip.

Drawing Sheet Sizes

Additional sizing options for landscape and portrait have been added to the blank sheet dialog by default.

Drawing View Placement Box Color

Users using Dark or Very Dark color schemes had a light yellow location preview box when placing drawing views. This color is now more visible.

Rectangle by 2 and 3 Points

These two rectangle types now have a UI similar to the Center-Point rectangle and dimensions can be added in realtime.

Rectangle by Center Dimensions

Real time dimensions during figure creation used to dimension between the center point and the rectangle extents. Now, the real time dimensions reference the full length and width.

Removed "White" Ribbon Color Scheme

This color scheme had issues and has been removed. It may be reintroduced later.

Adjusted View Cube Colors

A more visually appealing color set is used.

Multi-GPU Prompt

If multiple GPUs are present on the system, a dialog will appear at startup suggesting you ensure the high-powered card is used for Alibre products. The dialog can be disabled.

New Features

3D Wrap

Takes a sketch and wraps it around a part's geometry and simultaneously creates a boss or cut into or out of the part. Ideal for wrapping text around a cylinder.

3D Project

Takes a sketch and projects it directly onto the geometry of a part and simultaneously creates a boss or cut into or out of the part. It's similar to wrap, but the resulting projection is straight down the sketch plane's normal direction instead of wrapping around a part arbitrarily.

BOM Summation Rows and Columns

The ability to create columns of data that represent a number multiplied by the quantity in the row and the ability to sum across rows to present a Total has been added.

SVG Import / Export in 2D Sketch

Import an SVG into a 2D sketch or export a 2D sketch to an SVG.

OBJ Export

Export geometry to an OBJ + MTL file combination for use in other visualization software. The fidelity of the tesselated geometry is determined by the part or assembly's visual fidelity settings in File Properties > Display.

Extended Sketch Snapping

Sketch snapping has been added to the Select tool, Dimension tool, and 2D Constraint tools.

Side-by-Side Installation

V25 is the first version to support side-by-side installation. This is not retroactive. The first time you will be able to use this is when v26 launches, and you can have v25 and v26 installed simultaneously if desired. This will make future betas installable next to your production version so you can more easily participate in betas.

Core Properties as Defaults

Now properties you may set in File > Properties > Core Properties can be remembered as defaults for new files if the "Set current settings as the default..." checkbox is checked.

Assembly Bugfixes

Suppressed Parts During Manual Explode

The presence of suppressed part instances in selection results in exception during Manual Explode

Object Reference Error on Drag with Make Flexible

Updated logic now addresses an issue that could be experienced when dragging objects in an assembly with Make Flexible enabled.

Focus on Newly Created Exploded Views

When more than one exploded view is created continuously, the focus does not get moved to the newly created exploded view.

Suppressed Items Still Selectable

Part/sub-assembly instances in assembly can be rolled-over and selected in DE even after suppressing them.

Dialog Bugfixes

Hole Icons

The hole type icons were chopped off in some resolution / DPI combinations. Selected icon highlighting now also makes it easier to see what option is chosen.

Column Width for Equation Editor

The Column Widths set for a part's equation editor is now remembered within the Alibre session.

Drawing Properties

Various issues in the Drawing Properties dialog related to Windows Scaling have been fixed.

Print Dialog for Non-English Languages

Some scaling issues were present that cut off some parts of the UI.

Drawing Bugfixes

Section View from Line + Arc

An exception could occur if a section view was created using a line and arc as the section geometry.

Counterbored Cosmetic Threads in Angled Section

The thread length might be displayed incorrectly in certain types of section views.

View Bounding Box Incorrect

Shaded view's bounding box is not correct when we hide some parts from the view. Also Shaded view bounding box affected by inactive configurations.

QuickDimensionPlugin Error

Dimensioning Shaded/Draft ISO views of an assembly which contains active and inactive configs throws "QuickDimensionPlugin" error.

Face Color and Configurations

Face Color doesn't update correctly in a 2D view when applied to a config that has not been explicitly saved.

Hatching and Broken Section Views

Hatching vanishes in detail of broken section view.

ROSE Exception on Drawing Save

Rose exception seen when trying to save a drawing of a Loft view with a dimension on it.

Overriding Diameter Symbol in Text Tab

Overriding the value for diameter symbol in Text tab of Dim styles is not retained.

Vertical Text Spacing with Dim Lines

Fix inconsistent 'vertical' spacing between text and dimension line extensions.

Import / Export / PDF Bugfixes

Color and Transparency in 3D PDF

Part and Assembly-level color and transparency is now supported.

Precise Section on Some STP Files

Precise 3D section view fails for some of the imported STP files in V24.

IGES Options

IGES options were not honored in some cases. They are always honored now if it is possible to do so.

2D PDF with Built In Writer

Line caps sometimes causing issues in 2D PDF with built in option.

Import Hardening with Heal

Import sometimes fails with Heal option checked for Step files.

BOM Bugfixes

BOM May Blank Out from Package File

Not able to resolve BOM's RVR when we re-project a drawing opened from a package file in a particular workflow.

Object Reference on BOM Open from Explorer

Getting Object Ref error when opening some BOMs from the Windows explorer directly.

Custom Property Validation

Validation not working for certain Custom properties when added to BOM.

Equation Editor Bugfixes

Duplicate Parameter Names

Naming a new equation with existing name now prompts the user to choose a different name.

Viewing Alternate Configurations with GLP

Unable to view the other configs in a Locked GLP file which have multiple configs by double clicking in Explorer.

Unsupported Parameter Name Characters

Renaming the parameters using unsupported characters throws an extra irrelevant message.

Updating Column dynamically in GLP

Adding, renaming, or removing parameters does not update the Equation column of Global Parameters.

Part Bugfixes

Hidden Geometry Selection

Sometimes when hovering over a face, geometry behind the face would become selectable.

Reference Figures for Hole Tool

Reference Lines, Circles, and Arcs are now available when sketching inside the Hole tool.

In-Place Editing for Constraints

Additional options are now available for some geometry combinations, for example Tangent is now available for a line/ellipse combination.

Internal Versioning

Version Incrementing of the file is happening when any of the options in File Properties->Units->Dual Dimensions and General are changed and saved. This no longer happens.

Spline Tool Access

In some workflows spline tools might not be selectable due to a UI issue.

Using Projected Edges for Sweeps

A hang could occur when changing an Extrude draft angle in some cases.

Symmetric Constraint Logic

Symmetric constraint logic has improved and should no longer produce odd results on specific geometry.

Editing Splines

Some splines cannot be edited if end conditions exist and DOF Illustration color is enabled.

Fillet and Chamfer Hardening

Additional logic has been added to make previews for some specific geometry cases more predictable.

Spline Trimming

Trimming a spline that intersected with a sketch point could throw an exception.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Material Library Naming

An issue related to case sensitivity and duplicate names has been resolved.

Sheet Metal Flange

A crash could occur displaying an API_Failed error when the alignment of the flanges are changed after the Miter value is updated.

Removed Data Folder Option Node from Alibre Atom3D

This node presented an option that could not be used for Alibre Atom3D and so has been removed.

Sheet Metal Icons in Dynamic Library

Sheet metal parts used to have a regular part icon in the Dynamic Library UI.


This command was defined as the keyboard shortcut for two commands. It is now defined only for one.

File Name Field in Part Generator

This no longer activates keyboard shortcuts.

Rotation Points and Alibre Script

Rotation Point of 3D view is incorrect when Alibre Script based tool is active.

Alibre Script Sketch Editing Exception

The Alibre API was allowing creation of a new sketch when another sketch was already being modified within the design. New logic has been added to detect this.

Saving Locked Files via Alibre Script

The API now throws an exception when attempting to save a locked file programmatically via Alibre Script.

Hong Kong Chinese Resources

Alibre Design will not launch when using the Hong Kong Chinese language resources.

Side-by-Side Documentation for API / Addons

Update API/Addon documentation to include info on how to register 3rd party addon in system registry, impact of side-by-side on Addons/API.
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