Features and Enhancements

Alibre Toolbox

An Excel-driven Library of Components

In Expert Only

Easily create data-driven part libraries. Alibre will provide ISO, ANSI, DIN, GB, and JIS libraries over the next year or so as they become available, though none will be in v27.

Part Modeling

Feature Pattern Along Path

In Pro & Expert Only

3D features in part workspaces can now be patterned along paths made of edges or sketches.

Text Along Path

Sketch Text can be warped about a path made of one or more sketch figures.

Chain & Paint Select (Sketch mode)

Select sketch figures by painting over them or select all sketch figures connected to the target figure.

Errors from Degree of Freedom Callouts

DoF Callouts in sketch mode sometimes causes scenarios where the program could crash or error out.

Projection of Spline Geometry

Under certain circumstances weights for a projected spline might get lost in processing, causing the resulting figure to not match the source.

Sketch Degree of Freedom Legend Text

Sometimes the text might get cut off by the edge of the screen or might disappear.

Section Views of Text

In some cases a part made only of text (extruded, for example) might have unexpected behavior when used in Precise Section View.

Saving Parts with Heavily Split faces may be slow

Fixed an issue where faces that were split many times as part of a hole pattern could cause the part to save very slowly.

Face-Face Lofts Throw Error With Specify Tangent

Some face-face lofts might throw an error when Specify Tangent was unchecked.

Custom Material Checkbox could throw error

An error could occur after selecting a material from the material library and then enabling the Custom checkbox from File Properties > Material > Custom.

Multiple Design Booleans and Configurations May Cause Issues

affects Expert Only

Sometimes parts with multiple design booleans and also multiple Configurations may cause unexpected behavior.

Interaction between DoF callout and Units Precision can lead to physical change of line length

DoF Callout could apply dimensions at a lower significant digit value than desired. It now applies dimensions at 6 digit precision.

Reference Line Icon in Right-Click Menu

Added the icon.

Hanging due to specific Geometry

Hangs may occur in situations where a split face shares multiple edges with another face, and those multiple edges live in loops having a different number of coedges.

right Click > Clear All could throw error

Using clear all on specific dialogs could cause an exception.

Circular Pattern Type might reset across save/open

In certain cases a circular feature pattern could have its type (Angle / Equal) reset. 

Accuracy of physical properties using custom materials

Slight inaccuracy in calculated physical properties using custom material with user provided density value corrected by increasing conversion factor significant digits.


Group & rearrange Parts in Assembly tree

Rearrange parts, subassemblies, and patterns in the Assembly Explorer and create folders to keep the Assembly Tree tidy.

Undo - Component Drag

In some cases undoing a drag operation could take many seconds.

Sketch Tools on Toolbar May Stop Working

Affects Pro & Expert Only

A specific workflow could leave sketch tools inaccessible on toolbars in assembly workspaces.

Sped up Show In Explorer Performance

Fixed by expanding the search algorithm to efficiently handle tree node structure under Assembly Mirror nodes.

Showing Reference Geometry Might cause a crash

Fixed an issue where toggling reference geometry of components could cause an error or crash.

Open Performance for Heavily Top Down Assemblies

Fixed a bug that caused out-of-date, inter-design-parts to unexpectedly notify their dependent assemblies, resulting in  redundant assembly regeneration. 

Performance of Edit Here in Large Assemblies

Some performance fixes have gone into place to make editing components in the context of a (large) assembly faster.

Gear Constraints May Not Work When inside a Subassembly that has been Made Flexible

Affects Expert Only

A fix addresses the issue for known causes.

Constraints recomputed on constraint name change

A bug caused constraints to be recomputed every character change of the name in the constraint dialog.

Show Part in Explorer may not highlight part

Sometimes the part would be scrolled to but not highlighted.

Assembly Mirror Incorrect orientation

Affects Pro & Expert Only

Assembly mirror gets created initially with incorrect orientation that fixes itself later upon drag.


Part Preview Icons

Improved and standardized thumbnail previews.

Workspace Background Gradient

Slightly modified the default background gradient colors.

File Associations

The installer now asks if you want to associate generic CAD files (like STEP or DXF) with your Alibre product.

Shell Dialog Resizable

Made the Shell feature dialog resizable.

Missing Files in Restored Packages

Restoring a Package file to a folder location whose file path exceeds a max character limit results in missing files.

Non-English Installer Issue

Non-English installer not detecting and showing the correct warning if we try to install an already installed version.

Linetype and Pattern unicode sample files

These are now laid down by the installer.

Updated some Polish Strings in installer

Minor string changes.

Material Library Search

Material library search would sometimes not work properly.

Material Library Increased conversion precision

Increased conversion precision between kg and lbs.

Space Mouse

Modified the way Space Mouse interacts with Alibre products:
- Default speed is more user-friendly
- Setting Views in the Menu Editor will now work
- You can now reprogram View buttons on right side of knob

3D Sketch Fillet Help

Affects Pro & Expert Only

Incorrect tooltip and incorrect Help topic association for 3D Sketch Fillet tool.

Rendering problems when using Displaylink (USB connected) Monitor

Updated HOOPS rendering engine should solve this issue.

Polish Language - Incorrect Surface File Types

Insert Surface shows some unsupported file types in Polish language version.

API / Script

Thumbnail Generation

Thumbnails can be saved when a part is saved via API.

Point Associativity

Points created via API are now associative with their source geometry, if used.

Sweep Might Cause Regeneration Failures

Addressed an issue where specific sweeps could cause poor regeneration behavior.

Moving Components via API Does not honor constraints

This issue has been addressed.

Moving Components via API Does not honor constraints

This issue has been addressed.

Constraint Participants Throwing Exception

Now, a constraint's 'Participants' property will not throw an exception if one or more of its targets cannot be found. It will now return resolved target(s).

IADAssemblyConstraint Delete Method

Added 'Delete' method on IADAssemblyConstraint to allow removal of the constraint from the assembly.

SelectedObjects Supports Assembly Constraints

Updated 'SelectedObjects' API to support assembly constraints. That is, if user selected one or more assembly constraints in GUI, these selections can now be retrieved via this API.

Script - Occasional Freezes

Affects Pro & Expert Only

Launching certain Scripts while editing sketch with open loops causes AD to freeze.

Script - AddAngleConstraint Error

Affects Pro & Expert Only

AddAngleConstraint threw an error when used.

Script - AddFastenerConstraint2() function

In Pro & Expert Only

Added Assembly.AddFastenerConstraint2() function allowing constraint bounds type to be specified.

Script - AddFastenerConstraint() function

Affects Pro & Expert Only

Assembly.AddFastenerConstraint() function now accepts one distance parameter.

Script - Assembly Constraint Target Geometry

Affects Pro & Expert Only

Assembly Constraint creation functions can now accept target geometry from user selections.

Script - Assembly Constraint Reference Geometry

Affects Pro & Expert Only

Assembly Constraint functions now support assembly reference geometry.

Script - Assembly Constraint Target Proxy

Affects Pro & Expert Only

Fixed problem with constraints being created with target proxy occurrences from the wrong occurrences tree.

Drawing Enhancements

Disassociated Dimensions

Addressed some issues where dimensions on a section view might get disassociated on reprojection.

Line Widths

Addressed some issues where line widths might not honor their settings.

Scaling View Might Scale Dimension Text

Some cases where dimension text might get incorrectly scaled have been addressed.

Import / Export

Import Format Versions

Solidworks: Up to 2023

In Pro & Expert Only:

Inventor: Up to 2024
Pro/Engineer 19.0 to Creo 10.0
Catia v5: Up to V5_6R2023
Solid Edge: 1 to 20, ST1 to ST10, 2019 to 2023
NX: UG11 to UG18, UG NX, NX5 to NX12, NX1847 to NX2212
Rhino: From 4 to 7

STEP Surface as Lump

Certain cases of surface data in a STEP file could cause Alibre products to import the surfaces as model lumps.

Bill of Materials

BoM Rows based on Assembly's Active Configuration

Affects Pro & Expert Only

An optimization put into AssemblyHelper was incorrectly using the assembly's' active Configuration for building the helper's assembly structure, causing downstream consequences to BoM rows.
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