MeshCAM Pro for Alibre

Easy, fast, and capable

What is MeshCAM Pro for Alibre

Alibre Workshop is a combination of two tools - Alibre Atom3D and MeshCAM Pro for Alibre. MeshCAM Pro for Alibre imports your STL, SVG, DXF files, or depth maps and allows you to create toolpaths for your mill.
An example of simple options for a Pocket toolpath.

The MeshCAM Philosophy

Some software offers literally dozens of options for everything. Sometimes that's needed in high-throughput shops where time is money or when machining chunky metal parts. But that makes things really hard to learn and use.
MeshCAM Pro for Alibre takes a different approach. There are minimal settings, good settings are often chosen automatically, and you aren't bombarded. The result is often not the most perfectly optimal toolpath - but it's a great toolpath that will work. If you are worried about machining-seconds, it's probably not the product for you. If you don't want to spend hours programming parts and just want to get a great result - MeshCAM Pro for Alibre is for you. Spend the time you save on toolpath creation outside or with the kids.

Import Files

Open STL, SVG, DXF, or depth maps and view the geometry in the view port. Choose the file units and orient the part on the table. For SVG and DXF files, you'll also select how thick the part is as the 2D geometry will be converted to a 3D model automatically.

Stock Options

Define the size of your stock and the position of the model inside the stock. Or, automatically fit the stock size to the model. A visual representation of the stock is created on the screen.

Tabs & Supports

Create tabs that will support the model during machining. Tabs are areas that will not be machined by any operation, leaving behind areas that can be sawed or snapped off. Choose the width and height of the cylindrical supports and the depth they should exist at in the stock.

Keep-out or Stay-in Regions

For 3D operations that operate on the entire model at once, you might want to machine inside only a certain region or machine everything except certain regions. Keep-out and Stay-in regions allow you to define these areas using circles, squares, and poly-lines.

Machine Setup

Choose your machine or a machine that is close in size. A visual representation of the machining bed is shown on the screen.

Tool Library

Put all your tools into a library and define the mill type, dimensions, flute count, and more. Define feeds and speeds to be used as defaults when the tool is selected, or choose to let MeshCAM Pro for Alibre attempt to automatically determine good defaults based on the tool and toolpath.

Flip Jobs

If you have access to a jig or can precisely position the stock after flipping it over, you can create a flip job to machine both sides of a part.
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