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Everything you need to make anything you need.

An advanced yet easy-to-use part modeling system built on precision and purpose-built for manufacturing. It’s fully parametric and feature-based. Like digital clay, you’ll add and remove pieces until your part is complete. Master a few basics, and it’s off to the races.

Great Sketching

Sail through complex sketch creation with helpful hints, error checking, and tons of sketching tools. 

Easy Edits

Edits are as simple as modifying dimensions. Even in complex models, you can edit anything at any time.


Define equations for parameters to build design intent into the model and make edits easier.

Time Savers

Menus pop up at the cursor, giving you access to common tools without accessing a menu or the ribbon.

Import Surfaces

Import and work with surface models to incorporate highly organic components in your model.

A true digital copy of the entire product

Whether simple or complex, combine parts together to bring the digital product to life. Define relationships that mimic real life and test movement, range of motion, and interferences. Query physical properties like weight or volume, and easily edit any part right in the assembly.

Define the Model

Your model will contain a set of real-world relationships that define how parts interact with each other. 

Cascading Edits

Make changes that cascade by setting up relationships between parts or defining a global variable file.

Make Variants

One model can house thousands of variants by creating Configurations. Easily switch between them.


Create exploded views to illustrate assembly instructions and export as a 3D PDF, or publish in a drawing.


Check range of motion, check for interferences, inspect with 3D section views, and query physical properties.

One place for all your sheet metal design

Cheap and efficient – sheet parts are common components for enclosures, connections, and a lot more. Alibre Design takes care of all the math – you focus on what the part needs to do. View flat patterns with one click to check for overlaps and create with confidence.

Math is built in

The complex math behind sheet bends is taken care of for you behind the scenes. Focus on design. 

Model Conversion

Convert regular models or imported models into unfoldable sheet metal parts with an easy conversion wizard.

Lofted Transitions

Create complex lofted transitions to connect different sheet parts together, especially in ducting design.

Flat Patterns 

1-click flat patterns let you check for overlaps quickly. Create 2D drawings of flat patterns for production.

Time Savers

Automatically create watertight corners, complex miter flanges,  bend reliefs, dimples, and more.

Manufacturing and patent drawings – done.

Simple and comprehensive 2D detailing of your 3D designs to your company’s standards. Drawings update when you change the model. Include full-color images of your design, a bill of materials, exploded views, tables, and much more. Publish to PDF, DWG, or DXF.

Automatic Drawings

Select which views you want and your 3D model is converted into 2D automatically, ready for detailing.

Always Correct

The source of truth is the 3D model. When it changes, your drawings update, including dimensions.

Tons of Options

Any view type you need in the way you want it to display. All the standard detailing tools at your fingertips.

Production Ready

Be accurate with your design communication for production, patents, manuals, outsourcing, and more.


Publish drawings, bills of materials, and exploded views to DWG, DXF, or PDF for production and archiving.

Make beautiful images for all your stakeholders

Turn your CAD models into breathtaking digital photographs using a powerful drag-and-drop rendering engine. It’s super easy, real-time, and doesn’t need a crazy graphics card. Make images for websites, brochures, and presentations in just a few minutes.

1 Click Transfer

Send your 3D model directly to the rendering environment with a single click and update it as needed.


Everything you see is what the render will look like. Make changes confidently without waiting for updates.

Real-Time Results

No need to press Render and wait. Instantly see material, lighting, and other changes as you make them.

Material Library

A huge library of standard materials you can drag-and-drop onto your model. Customize them with sliders.

Material Studies

Quickly test product colors and materials virtually. Create picture-perfect images to get feedback.